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What are the benefits of participating in the Future of Work spring programme and Global Hackathon?

The scope of activity is so broad that there are many benefits to participating in the programme. The learning outcomes are almost endless in terms of the knowledge that you could possibly acquire if you engage in the various strands of activity as well as the Global Hackathon week. Reviewing the dedicated section on ‘Themes’, ‘Events and training’ and ‘Global Hackathon’ will provide you with an insight to the breadth of learning that is possible over the forthcoming weeks.

However the following list is a summary of the range of experiences, knowledge and understanding that you will be able to acquire through engaging with various strands of the programme and Hackathon:

  • Access and engage in thought-provoking interactive and experiential learning opportunities.
  • Hear from industry experts on how the world of work is changing.
  • Find out how to prepare for new and emerging digitised recruitment methods used by employers.
  • Participate in authentic industry standard Digital Assessment Centres.
  • Understand how globalisation is impacting on the way you will be working in your future career.
  • Acquire skills that will prepare you for the post-pandemic working environment and give yourself the edge in the job market.
  • Improve you intercultural awareness and acquire global competencies.
  • Complete activity that contribute to your completion of the Exeter Award.
  • Acquire teambuilding, online collaborative working and creative problem solving skills relevant to the world of work whilst engaging in interdisciplinary and interactive learning.
  • Improve your CV, inform effective job applications and optimise your success in recruitment and selection processes. 

As the first generation of students who are working and learning online during the pandemic, you are pioneers in exploring and using industry standard collaborative working tools, digital platforms and able to contribute to university developments in preparing students for the future of work. You will also be equipping yourself with the cutting edge skills and insight that employers are seeking in order to adapt and adjust to new digitally-enhanced ways of working in response to the pandemic.