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Events and Training

Events and training

Events and training

The Future of Work spring programme has been designed to bring together a whole range of programmes, workshops, experiential learning oppportunities and training sessions to help you to better undertand and prepare for entering the world of work. It is entirely your decision as to which areas of provision you choose to engage with. though there may be some occassions where there are recommendations for you to engage in some specific activity or reading e.g. for the purpose of preparing for the Global Hackathon week or as a requirement of any discrete programme where a time and learning commitment is required and you have agreed to undertake. 

Examples of activity include:

Note: these activities are in addition to the vast array of careers, employability and global experience support available through and 'Handshake' e.g. job vacancies, careers advice, employer and alumni presentations, video interviewing software, careers fairs, skills and career learning programmes and much more so do keep checking your accounts for daily updates and new events.   

Opening session Part I: The Future of Work 'Industry Leaders Forum'

To mark the formal launch of the Future of Work Spring Programme and Global Hackathon, we are delighted to announce the date of our Industry Leaders Forum. Our exciting line-up will provide expert insight into various aspects of work, helping you to understand:

  • how COVID-19 is changing the working environment
  • the skills that employers are seeking for the digital working landscape
  • the challenges and barriers facing various sectors so that you can develop the knowledge to help your future employer
  • ...and much more!

Introducing our guest speakers:

Stephen Isherwood

Chief Executive, Institute of Student Employers

Guest speaker

Helen Brand

Chief Executive at ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) (BA Politics, 1987)

Guest speaker

Jeremy Budd

Chief Digital Officer and General Manager Sales, IBM Asia Pacific (BSc Geography, 1985)

Guest speaker

Sally Heard

Director, School for Social Entrepreneurs (BA Community & International Development, 1999)

Guest speaker

Paul Blackmore (Chair)

Divisional Head, Student Employability & Academic Success (SEAS), University of Exeter.

Panel chair

 When: 10:30am-11:30am, 11th February 2021

Opening session Part II: The Future of Work 'Industry Experts Forum'

Date:     18th February 2021

Time:     09:00-10:00 UK/GMT & 17:00-18:00 SST

As part of the University of Exeter’s ‘Future of Work’ spring programme and Global Hackathon, this exciting line-up of expert speakers participating directly from the Asia Pacific region, provides unique insights into the various aspects of the world of work. 

Themes discussed will include:

  • the skills and behaviours that employers are seeking for the digital working landscape
  • emerging themes associated with the modern working environment e.g.  sustainability and circular economy agendas; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; mental health and wellbeing.
  • how the various forms of work opportunities for graduates are changing including self-employment, portfolio careers and remote working


Jon Kwan

Exec. Dir., SEAAGE (South East Asian Association of Graduate Employers) and Manager Director, Kwantum Leap Group


Satomi Ogata-Knutsen

HR Specialist, People and Change Group (PCG), United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)


Shiva Susarla

Founder and Managing Director of RENERGii  and supporter of various venture start-ups across Asia


Paul Blackmore (Chair)

Divisional Head, Student Employability & Academic Success (SEAS), University of Exeter 

 Panel chair

 When: 09:00am-10:00am, 19th February 2021