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General feedback

Any general suggestions for improvement? We have an online suggestion box or you can contact us by email, in person or over the phone at 01392 724493 (Exeter) or 01326 253735 (Cornwall).

How do we use your feedback?

All your thoughts are reviewed by the Career Zone management team, who’ll pinpoint what’s working and what could be improved.

Then, we can implement positive changes to benefit you, a few examples of which are listed below.

You said - We need more help with our LinkedIn profiles!

We did - Offer special appointments to review students' LinkedIn profiles. These are in addition to numerous new events about writing and maintaining a successful LinkedIn profile.

You said - We'd like to give feedback about Career Zone.
We did - Installed iPads at the Forum and Exchange Career Zones where students can give digital feedback - this is collated and used to better our service for you!
You said - The attendance policy is confusing and unfair. 

We did - Reviewed the policy with our team, reducing the length of ban from 90 days to only 30 days. We have also produced more videos to better inform students about how the service works.