Application advice for Spain

Key differences from UK CV's and covering letters

  • Spanish CVs usually include a professional photo in the top right hand corner
  • You should include your passport number  on your CV in the personal details section
  • Cover letters are professional and concise
  • It is not common to provide references unless specifically asked for by the employer but make sure your employment history  section is detailed

Covering letter (‘Carta de Presentación’) advice

  • It is common in Spain to include a typed/electronic cover letter when submitting a résumé/CV
  • Always refer to the position of interest and provide the advertisement reference number if there is one; if it is a speculative application, mention this in the letterhead
  • Explain why you are the right candidate for the job, highlighting experiences and strengths as they relate to the position and company
  • Address specific requirements given in the job advertisement and how you may achieve these based on previous experience and skills
  • Provide an overview, but do not provide too many details that are already covered in the résumé/CV; be concise and professional
  • Persuade the employer to meet you and express availability to discuss any issues further
  • Include formal greetings such as, ‘Estimado/a Señor/a’  at the start of the letter and 'En espera de sus noticias, les Saluda atentamente‘ at the end

CV (‘El Curriculum’) advice

  • Similar to UK CV layout, there are no strict guidelines though best to remain formal. It is very important to have well-structured CV, no longer than two pages and with little spare space between the headings 
  • Typically, a CV will have six main parts: personal information, education, professional experience, skills, languages and interests. Education and professional experience should be in reverse chronological order, listing the most recent work experiences first. A concise personal objective section can also be included at the top of the CV
  • Under the heading personal details you should also provide your passport or ID number
  • Good idea to include a high-quality, professional (scanned) photo in the top right hand corner of your CV
  • In Spain, it is not common to give references unless the employer requests them
  • Regarding work experience it is important to mention all your former employers, including the tasks and responsibilities performed.
  • If you have attended major seminars, stayed abroad some time, written a publication, or followed an apprenticeship, do mention it under the heading other activities, 'Otras actividades’