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What can I do?

Want an international experience and don't know where to start? Exeter provides a range of opportunities for you to experience other countries and cultures. 

The most common experiences are:

  1. work or study abroad placement years
  2. short term summer internships or summer schools
  3. short term, extra curricular internships or volunteering

All the above options would count towards the Global Pathway of the Exeter Award

Placement "years" are often 7 - 8 months long and are an embedded part of your course. You would need to speak to your Employability manager or study abroad coordinator to see if this is possible. Employability contact details are listed at the bottom of this page. 

Some students who don't want to commit to a year-long placement can choose to do short-term internships over the summer. We have students who conduct research on turtles in Greece and Cyprus, help as teaching assistants in China or Argentina or are camp counsellors for Camp America organisations such as BUNAC or Camp Canada. You can also undertake periods of study in summer schools overseas.

There are lots and lots of opportunities available and you don't have to restrict yourself to the above. Use the resources on the Global website to research your options. 

Lots of students want to spend their summers making a difference and work with charities or NGO's or as volunteers. In some cases this can count towards your degree if you have  an available module.

Students have worked with organisations like Enactus, AIESEC, Global Brigades and ICS


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