Work Shadowing Scheme

The Work Shadowing Scheme provides an opportunity for you to shadow a professional in their workplace for a day either in the South West or in London. These opportunities are available across a range of sectors and job roles.

The April 2019 scheme is now closed, details of the next scheme will be available shortly, please email if you have any queries. 

The scheme offers you the opportunity to;

  • Gain an insight into a particular business or sector
  • Gain knowledge about the day to day activities of a job role
  • Create useful contacts and broaden your network
  • Gain experience to add to your CV
  • Learn about the career path of professionals working in the sector you are interested in

This activity also counts towards the Exeter Award.

The Work Shadowing Scheme is open to all current University of Exeter students. We welcome applications from all disciplines and levels of study from first year to final year, undergraduate or postgraduate as long as you can demonstrate a keen interest in undertaking a work shadowing opportunity.

The Work Shadowing Scheme (WSS) is open to all current University of Exeter students only

The WSS is a competitive process working on a 'first-come first-served' basis. Only one student can be successful for each work shadowing opportunity (one student matched with one WSS Host) unless the opportunity is open to multiple students.

Students may submit one application per recruitment cycle only and will be asked to select a work shadowing opportunity as part of their application. If the application meets a minimum score criteria, it will be considered successful and the WSS team will do their best to match them with their choice.

Successful applicants are expected to participate in a work shadowing opportunity for a day in April 2019. 

If a student's application is successful, their details will be sent to their prospective WSS Host along with their CV (if provided). 

If students need to withdraw their application at any time during the WSS process they must contact the WSS team immediately at 

Successful students will be required to attend a compulsory one hour training session before the WSS opportunity begins in April 2019. If students are successful in being matched but are not able to attend this, they will be expected to notify the WSS team as soon as possible to set up a phone or face to face meeting with a member of the team. 

Students are not permitted to search for WSS Host contact information or directly contact a WSS Host until advised by the WSS team to do so. Applications will be withdrawn from the scheme if students have breached this condition. 

Students will need to fund any accommodation or travel expenses needed to attend the opportunity.

Applications for the April 2019 scheme are now closed. Details of the next scheme will be available shortly. 


Notes for applicants

The work shadowing scheme is a competitive process so please take care when writing your application. You can find advice and guidance on applications here.

The scheme works on a 'first-come first-served' basis, so apply soon to have the best chance of gaining the work shadowing opportunity of your choice. Work Shadowing opportunities will be removed from My Career Zone before the advertised closing date if we receive an application which meets the minimum score criteria.

Additional opportunities may be added after the opening date, check back to see if there are any additional opportunities available.

Prospective applicants to the scheme are not permitted to contact Work Shadowing Hosts outside of the scheme's application process. Applications will be withdrawn from the scheme if we find out that the student in question has contacted Hosts outside of the standard scheme application process.

Once you have applied, we will respond to you shortly to let you know the outcome of your application.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions about the scheme please email or phone 01392 727089.