The eXepert experience was informative, rewarding and useful in many ways. It has made me make an informed and knowledgeable decision about my future in terms of where I want to go from here. Firstly, my eXepert Alumni shared her experiences about her transition from university to work, emphasising on gaining relevant work experience during the summer holidays. Secondly, I received guidance related to the sector entry requirements and modules that are useful for applying to the company, which I intend to work for in the future. This has helped me choose my modules for third year wisely. Moreover, I received information related to doing a Masters degree. Overall, not only did the eXepert scheme help me answer questions related to employability, internships, work experience etc., but in the process, I created a professional connection, which I think can be very useful in the future!

Aditya Jain, Business Economics (2015)

I was given the opportunity to be put in contact with a top level professional working in the field I am interested in, and that gave me the opportunity to gain first-hand experience about working in that industry in question. My alumni not only gave me exceptional insight into the industry I am interested in, but also gave me invaluable advice with regards to the recruitment process at her firm. I would really recommend eXepert to everyone; you can do it multiple times, and get into contact with different people from different industries you are interested in - I am!

Lisa Aboagye, Law (2014)

I was daunted about the prospect of graduating and what I was going to do after my degree. Completing a science degree opens up so many different options and the eXepert Scheme allowed me to explore some of those potential options first hand. Although career talks at University are useful they are often not specific to the career you are interested in and the eXepert scheme allows you to select eXeperts from areas you are curious about. It was great to speak to someone with relevant career experience who could give an honest opinion about the aspects they enjoy and find difficult in their job. I also found it particularly useful to discuss postgraduate course options that would allow me to progress into the pharmaceutical industry. More importantly the experience has given me the confidence to realise that I can make professional contacts who are willing to help me in the future, I feel less intimidated about approaching leading experts and asking for their advice and input. The experience has been hugely positive and the knowledge that I have gained is invaluable.

Alessandra Booth, Law (2015)

The eXepert scheme has helped me more than I could put into words. Not only has my eXepert improved my self-confidence, he has also given me a clear and sincere insight into the legal profession. By communicating in an informal manner, I was shown that the people I was intimidated by are in fact relatable and easy to build a rapport with. The alumni were eager to help me on my path to my desired career. I was given tips on applications and interview techniques, however what truly helped me was the personal advice that you can only receive on one-to-one to schemes such as these.

Catherine Little, Law (2016)

I found my eXepert experience very helpful and informative for two reasons. Firstly, all the questions that I had asked were duly answered in detail. The Alumni gave me first hand insight of what is like to apply at a law firm for an international student. This very detailed feedback gave me confidence and determination that these placements were not out of my reach. Secondly, through the eXepert experience, I have learnt a great amount of how to improve my job applications in general. This experience has definitely helped me to understand the job-market better.

Mario Haxhiymeri, English and French Law (2015)

The eXepert responded to my query within a very short time. I asked him a few specific questions, for which he provided some very informative answers. One of his responses to my questions allowed me to think from a completely different perspective which I later discussed in a recent interview and passed. For topics which were outside his scope, he drew on his colleague’s experiences and informed me of their thoughts. This is something I truly appreciate as he went an extra mile to help me out, whereas he could have simply said that he was not in a position to provide me with an answer.

Abrar Al-Quddus, Accounting and Finance (2014)

The most useful part of the eXepert experience was the ability to contact legal professionals and communicate in an informal manner. The insight I have gained into the legal profession is invaluable; my alumni contacts gave me really detailed advice, encouragement and handy hints for applying to law firms which will be extremely useful. I feel as though I am now fully aware of the best and worst aspects of the profession, this experience has certainly helped me to determine that this is the career for me.

Kelly Newman, Law (2016)

Teaching is the profession that I would like to go into after my degree. My alumni, an experienced primary school teacher, is very knowledgeable about this sector. He gave me useful advice about the application process and was happy to answer any questions I had. I found this experience helpful and am hoping that the knowledge I have gained from this experience will be advantageous when applying for teacher training next year.

Elouise Noon, Geography (2014)

The alumna I was put in touch with was very helpful in offering the broader picture of the field in which I'm interested. She helped to emphasise that where I am now is a great position to be in as I have a lot of freedom to move in different career directions. eXepert is a fantastic scheme! Really helped me, I'd recommend it, and already have!

William Rushworth, Philosohy, Politics and Economics (2014)

My dream is to find work in the Film Industry and they emphasise networking which is why I felt eXepert was a good place for me to start making these connections. Within a few weeks of registering, I was given a range of contacts to choose from. The whole experience really helped me focus on the skills I need to gain to make it in the film industry and opened my eyes to the vast amount of resources available to help me reach my goal. eXepert is fantastic... I highly recommend it to all students who want to take their first steps toward their future career.

Stephanie Lapena, Film Studies (2011)

I was able to choose three people from a long list of potential alumni contacts in my chosen sector, and all three responded to me within a reasonable timeframe. I found eXepert an incredibly useful tool.

Dimitry Kuryanovichh, MSc Finance and Investment (2011)