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Help with gaining work experience

Help with gaining work experience

Help with gaining work experience

Help with gaining work experience

Help with gaining work experience

Help with gaining work experience

If you need help or advice with gaining work experience this page outlines the various ways we can help including appointments, events and resources.


Having an effective job hunting strategy is essential to finding graduate level opportunities. This session will help you to develop a graduate job seeking strategy that is right for you.

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This session will give you tips and advice on how to plan and apply for internships and work experience.

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The pandemic means we are all facing challenging times, and you may feel particularly unsure about your future plans. This webinar will help you reflect on your career plans and options, whilst getting practical support and advice for how to move forward.

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Most people are now going online to look for employment. As more of us use the internet to search for new job opportunities, this has also opened the door to fraudsters. In this session we will be looking at how you can identify job scams and think about how you can protect yourself from them.

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This session will look at what you can do with your degree, and narrow down the wide range of options available, such as graduate jobs, internships, further study, or taking time out. The aim of the session is to give you a broad overview of how you can think about your options and employability, and how to proceed in your personal and professional development. 

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You can book an appointment with us to get your CV, cover letter, application form, or LinkedIn profile checked to help with looking for jobs/gaining work experience. You can contact us via the Live Chat icon at the bottom of this page, or you can phone us on +44(0)1392 724493. For any other enquiries please email


Below is an overview of the internship schemes managed by the University of Exeter. We promote equal opportunities in all internship recruitment:

A Global Leader Experience is a week-long immersive visit to a fascinating city where you will be faced with challenges you would not ordinarily face in the UK. You are taken abroad and submerged in local life to tackle a global challenge. Students go beneath the surface of the city and develop their self-leadership and employability in the process. 

Exeter provides a range of opportunities for you to experience other countries and cultures.

The most common experiences are:

  • Work or Study Abroad Placement Years
  • Short term Summer Internships or Summer Schools
  • Short term, Extra Curricular Internships or Volunteering

To find out more visit the Global Opportunities web page.

  • Gain insights into a range of different companies with the Virtual Experience programmes at Forage.
  • Prospects’ guide to virtual work experience. 

The Students’ Guild advertised volunteering opportunities these range from student led projects to external volunteering opportunities. 

If you are interested in volunteering, you might find it helpful to read our ‘Paid, Unpaid or Voluntary? Know Your Rights’ blog post. 

There are lots of different work placement modules available ranging from a week’s work experience to a year in industry. To find out more speak to your tutor, or you can speak to the Placements Teams (Streatham and St Lukes -, Penryn -

Part-time/casual work can be a great way to learn transferable skills and earn a little bit of extra cash while studying. To find more about part-time work and our dedicated part-time job service, click here

If you are looking for a part-time job, we advertise lots of vacancies on Handshake, however, you might also like to use some of the following job boards to look for casual work:


My Career Zone Digital has lots of resources, including videos, articles, and courses to help you gaining work experience. Key resources that you might like to look at include: 

Our online database Handshake contains vacancies ranging from part-time work, internships, placements, and graduate jobs. 

You can also browse questions about interviews and you can also ask or answer questions in the Handshake community Q&A forum. You can edit the term in the search box to make it more specific. 

Click is an interactive one stop guide to resources (page 13 covers work experience).

Career Zone Blog - This link takes you to features on Internships and work experience on our blog. There are blogs on all of the different programmes and schemes that University runs along advice about how to gain work experience. 

If you are interested in gaining work experience via volunteering, you might like to take a look at this volunteering blog post

Remote interviews - My Career Zone Digital resources that provides advice and tips on remote interviews. 

Browse questions about interviews and you can also ask or answer questions in the Handshake community Q&A forum. You can edit the term in the search box to make it more specific. 

There are thousands of courses on LinkedIn Learning which can help you to develop your skills from learning to edit videos to soft skills development. You can browse the courses available via this link

You might also be interested in the following courses for job hunting:

Assessment Centres

If you have been invited to attend an assessment centre, you will likely be interviewed as part of this process. To help you to prepare for an assessment centre. Below we have listed some useful resources to help you to prepare: 

Webinar Recordings