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Help with networking

Help with networking

Help with networking

Help with networking

Help with networking

If you need help or advice with learning how to network effectively this page outlines the various ways we can help including appointments, events and resources.


Career Fairs are an excellent way to meet and network with employers. You can check when the next Career Fairs are taking place on Handshake.

To help you to prepare for the fair, you might find it helpful to take at look at our “Prepare for the Fair” interactive guide.

With research indicating up to 70 percent of jobs aren’t advertised it’s essential to develop your networking skills. This session aims to help you learn how to build new relationships to expand your network of professional contacts both online and in person.

For the latest events, please check Handshake

LinkedIn events - including LinkedIn webinars and LinkedIn Lab.

Negotiation is the art of getting what you want and keeping everyone else happy at the same time. This workshop will cover the skills and psychology of successful negotiating and provide you with a set of principles that will work not just between you and your house mates but in the business world too.

For the latest events, please check Handshake


If you would like some advice about networking (whether in-person or virtually via LinkedIn) our team can help. You can contact us via the Live Chat icon at the bottom of this page, or you can phone us on +44(0)1392 724493 (all campuses). For any other enquiries please email


This guide introduces how networking works, how it can help you in your job hunt, how to build a list of contacts and how to make use of them.

Staring a new role can be exciting, intimidating and everything inbetween. This SWAY will guide you through some of the ways in which you might start to prepare for a new job, empowering you to be your 'best professional self'.

Career Zone Blog: This link takes you to features on networking on our blog. 

Browse and ask questions about networking on Handshake community Q&A forum. You can edit the term in the search box to make it more specific.

Click is an interactive one stop guide to resources (page 7 covers networking).

LinkedIn: This is a great platform to start building contacts from. It is a professional network which gives you access to thousands of contacts. Make sure you spend some time building a strong LinkedIn profile, just as you would with your CV.

If you need any further help or advice with LinkedIn sign up to one of our LinkedIn skills sessions on Handshake. You can also look at our LinkedIn guide here

There are thousands of courses on LinkedIn Learning which can help you to develop your skills from learning to edit videos to soft skills development. Courses include:

Speak with the experts

The Career Mentor Scheme is a popular employability scheme which matches a student or graduate with an experienced professional, for sector insight and one-to-one careers advice and guidance, over a 6 month period. 

The Ask An Alum (Careers Q&A) is a fuss-free way to connect with University of Exeter alumni to ask careers questions. By filling in our quick and easy application form, you can be introduced to alumni working in your field of interest…whatever that may be at the time of applying. 

Webinar Recordings

Professionalism and joining the workplace - Join Rachel Sloan for this webinar on professionalism. 

Making the most out of your LinkedIn profile5 top tips to help you boost your LinkedIn Profile