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If you are helping to manage a project and have already completed the Exeter Award, you can develop your skills in Leadership and Management through the Exeter Leaders Award

You can count the hours on your project towards the Exeter Award.

Training and support


Every project that registers with us has to complete a few basic tasks in order to help us check your project is working effectively, and to be able to share the impact of your completed project. What you will have to complete will vary depending on whether your project runs as a Change Agents or Partners project. 

Once registered through MyCareerZone, you will be able to access the Students as Change Agents & Partners workflow. This is essentially an automated and interactive flowchart that will guide you through each stage we ask your project to complete. 

Project Handbook

While the workflow itself contains the essential information you need to know to complete each stage, we have developed a handbook to provide more detailed information for you. The handbook, available on the Resources  page, contains guidance about accessing and using the workflow, as well as hints and tips for effectively completing each stage of your project. 


Every year, we support dozens of successful Change Agents and Partners projects ran by enthusiastic students. We have introduced a variety of incentives to help recognise the work you put into your project and to thank you for the positive impact that project has on the Exeter experience.

Every student who completes their workflow will:

  • Receive recognition of their project on section 6.1 of their HEAR report upon graduation
  • Receive a certificate and £20 Amazon voucher

Projects which have completed or are due to complete by the end of the year will also be eligible to be nominated at end of year award ceremonies ran by the University, the Students' Guild, and FXU. 

Support for your project

If you are running your project independently as Change Agents, from time to time you may need help and guidance from the University. Our team is able to provide this to projects that are registered with us. 

We have a member of staff in each College, who will be able to guide you through the various stages of your project, and who will also help signpost you to additional resources or staff for your project. Your allocated staff member may also be able to directly help with certain aspects of your projects, such as managing events and writing funding applications, such as for the Annual Fund. 

Contact details for every member of our team are available on the Getting Started page. 


Running a Change Agents or Partners project is a great opportunity for you to develop yourself in project management and many other related skills. However, you may well find, both to help you develop these skills as well as drive your project more effectively, you need to access training in a certain area first. Your allocated staff member from our team will be able to signpost to such training, in particular through the various skills sessions offered as part of the Exeter Award and Exeter Leaders Award.