The Avenue of Trees

*Anglican Chaplaincy Use*

The Exeter University College Club existed before the institution became a University in its own right in 1955.

The cobbled driveway leading from Prince of Wales Road to the Chapel and Old Library is Memorial Avenue - also informally known by students and staff as 'Chapel Hill'.

Lining both sides of the driveway is the Avenue of Trees, which predate the Chapel. The trees were planted by the Exeter University College Club in memory of students who died in the two world wars.

*Anglican Chaplaincy Use*

The Towers of St Paul and St John were built between 1114 and 1133.

At the top of the hill and facing south away from the Chapel is a view of Exeter Cathedral's North and South Towers.

*Anglican Chaplaincy Use*

The trees are, in descending order from the top of the hill:
- Two Japanese Cork trees,
Phellodendron japonicum
- Two Caucasian Fir trees,
Abies nordmanniana
- Two Indian Chestnut trees,
Aesculus indica
- Two Dawn Redwood trees,
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
- Two Canoe Birch trees,
Betula papyrifera

The North Tower houses the bell named Peter (after the patron saint of the Cathedral), which can be heard chiming the hour in the centre of Exeter (in A flat, for those of a musical disposition).

From the foot of the hill and facing north is a direct view through the trees to the cross on the side of the Chapel.

For Christians, the cross symbolises love, sacrifice and the resurrection. The cross is also sometimes referred to by Christians as 'the tree of life'.

The Chapel is currently involved in the commissioning of a new memorial, in memory of students who have died in conflicts since 1945; please get in touch if you are aware of any alumni whose names should be included.