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Christian Free Churches are characterised by those who seek to follow Jesus Christ in their everyday lives and place a low emphasis on church rituals.  Orthodox in their beliefs, many free churches are evangelical, which means they place a high emphasis on conversion, the authority of the bible, the cross as the means to salvation and activism. As the name suggests free churches value the 'freedom of confession' with respect to the political state, with denominations having historical roots in non-conformism within Europe and North America.  Free churches will often endorse the priesthood of all believers and encourage everyone to take an active role in the life of their church.  In their Anabaptist and Mennonite expressions, for example, free churches are known for their prophetic counter- cultural ministry, emphasis on social justice and poverty. There is great diversity of practices and views within and between each local gathering of believers.


Adrian is a senior lecturer in Management based in the University of Exeter Business School.  Since 2013 he has convened the Business School Prayer Space to provide staff with a place and time for spiritual reflection.  Far from perfect, he confesses to being an incurable perfectionist and values being part of a community that regularly reminds him of the love and compassion of God.  He is passionate about social justice and the inner transformations of character that are necessary to sustain a faithful witness to Jesus Christ.  In his teaching and research he explores business models that strive to embody practices such as redistribution of wealth,democratic governance and ecological sustainability - most notably co-operatives and social enterprises.  He is a member of Belmont Chapel, co-founder of the Belmont Eco-Church group, husband, dad, cyclist, vegetable grower, baker of bread, retired farmer and prolific tea drinker.  

Free Church Chaplain

Adrian Bailey

Associate Chaplain - Independent Churches

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