Independent Churches

Followers of Jesus Christ try to live out and share his message of good news in many different ways. So, it’s not surprising then that churches come in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of excellent ones in Exeter –so someone looking for a good one is spoilt for choice!

The Independent Churches are independent of historic denominational structures, but are orthodox in their beliefs and ascribe to the same historic creeds. Some have their own purpose-built facilities; many meet in local schools, community centres or even in members’ homes. One aim is to recapture the spontaneity and vitality of the first Christians we read about in the New Testament, and to share this with others. 



Hannah Richards and Jenny Hudson are the Independent Churches Chaplains.

Hannah is part of the leadership team at City community Church (CCC). Part of her role there is to be the face of CCC in the City and to work city wide, helping to build community and equip Christians, which she is really passionate about.  Hannah is also the Chair of Christians Together across Exeter (CTaX) as well as being part of the steering committee for ONE for Exeter. She is married to Ben and has two small children so life is always busy! 

Jenny attends City Community Church and has spent the last decade working with Friends International, a volunteer group from several churches and ECU members who arrange activities to befriend and show hospitality to international students.  She enjoys sharing food, ideas and culture with those from many backgrounds, of any faith or none.  To contact Jenny call 01392 723649.

For those who aren't sure about faith and simply want a few pointers to what it's all about, you're more than welcome to drop by the Multifaith Chaplaincy office in the Forum for a chat over coffee.

Both Chaplains are always willing to listen, support, encourage, or give practical advice on where to get help. 


Hannah Richards

Independent Churches Chaplain

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Phone: 07393 719683

Students' Guild Society

The ECU (Evangelical Christian Union) is a student society which exists as a mission team to make the life changing news of Jesus known on our campus in Exeter. We believe that Jesus came to earth to die and be raised back to life to give us a way to have a relationship with God. 

We believe that He is now alive in heaven, and we want to share this news with our friends.

To achieve our aim of Knowing Jesus and making Him known we run a variety of different ministries and events, some regularly and some just a few times a year...have an explore of the website to find out more about them! 

Like many other Christian Unions throughout the country, Exeter ECU is looked after by UCCF (Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship), who aim to give every student the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Find out more on our website,

In the Community

In recent years there has been a proliferation of such churches in Exeter and across the UK. Most are allied to a national grouping for support and accountability. They are clustered together in informal groups such as Vineyard, Pioneer, Brethren Partnership, Salt & Light, along with some older church families such as Assemblies of God and Elim. Together these local churches sponsor the Independent Churches Chaplain. Along with other denominational churches they form part of the Exeter Evangelical Partnership (EEP). The EEP churches seek to reflect the life and love of God we see in Jesus. Members are involved with Street Pastors, Food Bank, CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and a host of other initiatives. 

One practical way the EEP serves the university community is to produce a booklet to help students decide what is the best church for them. It includes details of many of the Independent Churches in the city. If you are looking for a church that can be your spiritual home away from home then why not take a friend and visit a few? Each has its own distinctives –some number hundreds, some a couple of dozen. Meet up with others on campus and see what they suggest. Take your time, pray and reflect about your choice. Many students choose to stay on in Exeter after they graduate –why wouldn’t you in such a great place! – so find themselves worshiping with friends they made years earlier. For a list of independent churches in Exeter, see the Evangelical Churches Guide. Do ask for a copy of this booklet if you are looking for a spiritual home, or contact Chris, The Independent Churches Chaplain, if you would like to chat things through.

Independent Churches Chaplain

Jenny Hudson

Independent Churches Chaplain

Phone: 01392 723649