Judaism is very much about living in the real world, and being Jewish in Exeter is very much part of that experience. There are Jewish Students and staff from many different backgrounds in Exeter and we welcome all whatever their beliefs.

Jews have lived and worshipped in Exeter for more than two centuries. The synagogue building is over 250 years old, and the community is small and welcoming.

Jewish Chaplains

Tony Reese has been Jewish Chaplain for more than ten years. He is available to provide support to any Jewish student or member of staff, and also to anyone else who wishes to know more about Judaism. He was a student at Exeter and has a daughter who was a student. He knows the problems and excitement of being a student. Tony is working from home during the Coronavirus. He can be contacted by email, Facebook, text or call.

David Kolitz is the Jewish Associate Chaplain and an academic in the Business School. He has many years of pastoral experience and has been actively involved with the Jewish Society during his six years at Exeter University.

Tony Reese

Jewish Chaplain


Phone: +44 (0) 1935 864055
Mobile: 07967 947335

David Kolitz

David Kolitz

Jewish Associate Chaplain

Phone: Mobile: 07765 249825

Students' Guild Society

Here at Exeter, the Jewish Society are open to students of all backgrounds, both religious and secular students will find the society both fun and useful! We showcase the best of our culture and religion by always bringing a modern twist: annual festivals, Friday Night Dinners, Hebrew lessons, and much more. 

Our students are diverse and come from many parts of the world and each has a unique connection to Judaism, be it cultural or religious. We make sure to accommodate all students in our society and make our events varied and fun for people of all backgrounds and faiths.

The society is here to assist its students in any way possible, our members study many different disciplines at the University and are always here to help with anything.

Our annual ball events are themed on a Jewish festival that occurs around September/October. In this way, we share our seasonal joys with everyone. The first of its kind was the Interfaith Winter Formal which brought together other faith societies on campus. The project was successful and won the Exeter Guild Awards for 'Event of the Year (2014)'.

Our festival Rosh Hashanah (or Jewish New Year) themed JSoc Ball was - Israel: Celebrations of a Sweet New Year, which brought together Friends of Israel society. As a result, we were nominated for UJS 'Event of the Year (2014)'.

Our society has multiple short interviews with BBC Radio Devon, speaking on modern Jewish life. For our efforts, UJS nominated us the 'Communication of the Year (2014)'. During that season, we held for the society a full Kosher Shabbat dinner, which is part our campaign for kosher food at Exeter.  

In 2015 we managed to secure a Kosher accommodation block in university accommodation for students who want to observe Jewish customs even at university.

You will find opportunities to have fun, network, get assistance in your studies and personal life, and much more in Exeter JSoc.

Jewish Services

Jewish services on campus are suspended during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Shabbat Services at the synagogue are being held on Zoom, and we can arrange for other services to be held at other times.

We have links available for many other services which are now being held online. Please ring Tony Reese on 07967 947335 for further details.

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