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The Methodist Church is a part of the wider Christian community. Founded in the 18th Century by John Wesley, Methodists have always been clear that no one is beyond the reach of God’s love and sought to demonstrate this in practical ways. 

Methodist Churches seek to be inclusive, welcoming those of all backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles. We believe God calls us to: 

  • celebrate God’s love, and increase awareness of God’s presence
  • to help each other grow and learn as Christians, through mutual support and care
  • to be a good neighbour to people in need, and to challenge injustice 
  • to encourage others to follow Jesus Christ

Some of the things that make us distinctive include:

  • an emphasis on the contribution each person can make in serving God and in the life of the church
  • the importance of meeting together in small groups
  • an approach to faith that encourages interaction and reflection between Scripture (the Bible), Tradition (the wisdom and creativity of Christians over time), Reason (using critical thinking to make sense of the world and loving God with our minds as well as heart) and Experience (our own experience of God’s grace at work in our lives)

To find out more about Methodism, see www.methodist.org.uk 


Rev’d Sungil Han is originally from South Korea and has been living in Exeter for 7 years, where he is minister of the Korean Fellowship based at The Mint Methodist Church in Exeter. Han also has a young family and enjoys relaxing by playing guitar. 

He is available to meet for a drink if you’d like to chat, ask questions or simply want a listening ear (on matters small or great, whether connected to faith or not).  To contact Sungil call 07961 813123.


Han Sungil - Website Ready

Revd Sungil Han

Methodist Chaplain (Korean Church Minister)

Email: hanintheuk@gmail.com
Phone: 0796 1813123

In the Community

There are four Methodist Churches in Exeter. Each has its own character and worship style. Students and staff are invited to share in the life of the any of our churches.

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The Mint Methodist Church [EX4 3AT] 

The Mint is located on Fore Street, opposite Walkabout. It is a broad church with a range of theological outlooks and diverse backgrounds, but with a strong liberal theological tradition.

The Mint is open from 9.30am to 9.30pm Monday to Friday, and for Sunday worship at 10:30am. Evening worship is at 6.30 pm on 2nd – 4th Sundays of the month.

The Mint also offers Korean language worship each Sunday at 10.30 am.

Sidwell Street Methodist Church [EX4 6PH] 

Sidwell Street Methodist Church can be found near the Odeon Cinema. A friendly community of Christians seeking to grow through mutual support and be good neighbours to those in need.

Sunday Morning worship is at 10:30am every week, with an evening service at 6.30pm on the first Sunday of the month.

St Thomas Methodist Church [EX4 1JE] 

St. Thomas Methodist is at the top of Cowick St. It has a strong focus on connecting with and serving its local community and helping others to encounter Christ. 

Sunday morning worship is at 10:30am every week and evening worship at 6.30pm on alternate weeks.

Wonford Methodist Church [EX2 6NG]

Wonford Methodist Church is opposite Lidl at the meeting of Burnthouse Lane and Rifford Rd in the Wonford area of Exeter. There is a strong sense of welcome and family that attracts a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. Worship seeks to blend contemporary and traditional. 

Sunday morning worship is at 10:30am. There is an evening service each week at 6.30pm, the format of this varies (from Café Worship and Prayer and Praise to more traditional services), apart from the 4th Sunday of the month, where we host Messy Church at 4pm.