'Quakers' is the name often used for the Religious Society of Friends. Although we have our roots in Christianity, we also find meaning and value in the teachings and insights of other faiths and traditions.

We believe there is something of God in everyone and this shapes all our relationships and the way we treat others. It means treating everyone with respect, whatever their circumstances, beliefs, race, age or gender. It also means translating our faith into action to make this world a better place focusing in particular  on  peace, equality, truth, simplicity and sustainability.  You can find out more about Quakers in Britain here http://www.quaker.org.uk/about-quakers.


Peter Hart and Kate Cramer are Quaker Chaplains. they are available to all students and staff regardless of faith or of no faith and provide a supportive listening ear when needed.

Quaker chaplain Peter Hart

Peter Hart

Quaker Chaplain

Email: p.j.hart@exeter.ac.uk
Phone: 07551 275431

Quaker chaplain

Kate Cramer

Quaker Chaplain

Email: k.cramer@exeter.ac.uk
Phone: 07393 719683

In the Community

During University term time, we meet every Friday from 1pm - 1:30 for 'Meeting for Worship' in the Quiet Room in the Old Library on Streatham Campus.

There are also weekly meetings in Exeter on Sundays from 10:30-11:30 at the Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, off Magdalen Street, Wynards Lane, EX2 4HU, and on Thursday lunchtimes, 12:15 - 1pm in the city centre at St. Mary Arches Church, Mary Arches Street, EX4 3AZ.

Quakers meet for worship in silence and sit in stillness and waiting. If someone feels led to they may stand up and speak. Anyone is welcome to attend. You can read more about our Meetings for Worship here, or speak to one of our Quaker chaplains if you'd like to know more.

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Friends Meeting House