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Starting University is an exciting step in life, and with the University of Exeter we are here to support you every step of the way. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing stories from our students to show you how joining Exeter can be a fantastic and life changing experience.


"All of the staff on my course are supportive and accommodating with my disabilities"

"I am 31 and a mature parent student. This is my second degree, so I am self-funding my way through this degree. It’s incredibly hard especially on my family, however I have received fantastic support from many departments at the University to make it work. When I became seriously ill and disabled almost 5 years ago, I was medically retired. I have chosen to study here in my hometown so that I can hopefully work in a career that will support my health. I have had to learn to walk, talk and move again and am learning on my course the massive benefits of exercise interventions for health and would love to work within this area. All of the staff on my course are supportive and accommodating with my disabilities, and work with me to help me juggle full time study and parenthood. I am really enjoying my time at Exeter University - I hope to represent mature students as a student ambassador for the University, and go on to study for a Masters too."

Sophy from Exeter, studying Sport and Health Sciences


"At Penryn Campus, you don’t make friends, you make family"

"Having grown up in the bustling economic hub of West Africa that is Accra, Ghana, my decision to study on Penryn Campus and adjust to life in Cornwall, was a huge leap of faith. A year down the line and many smiles and laughs later, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I thought studying on a smaller campus would mean less access to extracurricular activities and events. This could not be further from the truth. I was overwhelmed with the number of societies present on campus. From the Quidditch Society to the Pokémon Society, there is something for everyone. At Penryn Campus, you don’t make friends, you make family. My favourite aspect about studying here has to be the people. The size of Penryn Campus means that you belong to a closely-knit community. You get to benefit from the extremely high quality of education the University of Exeter has to offer while forming long-term friendships along the way."

Francis from Ghana, studying Mining Engineering


"I’ve had my own radio show on Xpression FM, Exeter's student radio station"

"The highlight of my time in Exeter has been the combination of lecture and seminar environment, where I had the opportunity to learn so much from academics and those studying alongside me. Another highlight has been getting involved in extra-curricular activities outside of studying. This year just gone, I’ve served on the Student Staff Liaison Comittee, I’ve had my radio show on Xpression FM, Exeter's student radio station, and I’ve worked with the German department. So I would say the highlight has also been the way I have been able to branch out in so many ways and develop so much as a student, as a professional and as a person."

Gerard, studied MA Translation


"My approach was to try everything and work out what I liked"

""I struggled with confidence because of bullying. I changed schools for sixth form and things really improved. My teachers believed in me and said I should go to university.

In my first year at Exeter I signed up to societies, applied for internships and worked part time as I needed the money. My approach was to try everything and work out what I liked.

upReach works with students from less privileged backgrounds and partners them with firms they’ll be suited to. They matched me to McKinsey and a mentor from a similar background.

As a business analyst I could be working in any industry on any project; you rotate so you can find out where your interests are. The most important thing for me at McKinsey is the people – it doesn’t feel like work when people love their jobs and are great at them. My advice is say yes and put your hand up. If you’re given an opportunity take it. If you have a question ask it."

Sophie studies Business Economics