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When joining the University of Exeter you will be welcomed into a family of fellow students, facility members and alumni, all there to support you through your journey.  Your introduction to student life is filled with events designed to get you interacting with new friends and the local area. If you are travelling from overseas, our meet and greet scheme can assist with everything from opening a bank account to meeting you at the airport.


"It's a place where you can develop your interests and build long lasting friendships"

"I've been able to meet, work with and become friends with people from all walks of life from all over the world. It's an experience that is unique to university life. When people say that university was the best time of their life, they're not exaggerating. It's a place where you can develop your interests (or even find new ones) and build long lasting friendships, whilst working towards your ultimate goal of getting a degree. There is so much support available to aid your studies and future career as well as your general well-being. I feel like, when I leave, I will be well rounded and ready for what the world has to throw at me"

Rianna, studying Materials Engineering


"My interactions with people have definitely changed my life"

"Life at university has helped me to value relationships not just with my coursemates, flatmates and other friends I've made, but also those relationships with my personal tutor, lecturers and staff at the university. My interactions with these people have definitely changed my life, not only in respect to academics, but also professionally. I'm glad I went to university because I have become wiser and more knowledgeable in the field that I chose (Mathematics). I have met like-minded people I might not have met and I have had several opportunities had I not attended - these include learning to windsurf, taking part in two art exhibitions at the university,  being a student ambassador, a residence life mentor, a finance intern on two occasions and a research intern"

Mary, studying Maths


"It is fantastic to have such a focussed and supportive group of people around you"

"My university experience wouldn’t have been the same without the group of friends that I have made - between coursemates, flatmates, and friends from societies, there are tonnes of ways to meet new people! Personally, I have found some of my closest friends through my course, as lectures provide an environment of like-minded people with have a genuine interest in their subject. It is fantastic to have such a focussed and supportive group of people around you, and over the past couple of years, I have found that the encouragement of coursemates is often just as helpful as the support from professors"

Ayesha, studying Natural Sciences


"Never underestimate how helpful the members of staff here at Exeter can be"

"I’ve really fallen in love with Exeter over the three years, and feel so lucky that I got to study here! It’s a beautiful city with so many things to do outside of the university, but the highlight for me would have to be the people! From all the friends I made living in university halls in my first year, other biology students I met during the course, friends made through sports societies and intramural netball, lecturers who taught me and my tutors who oversaw my work. In terms of your studies, I would say to never underestimate how helpful the members of staff here at Exeter can be; your tutors in particular. I’ve always found that the lecturers are more than happy to answer questions about their lectures or just their field of study in general – they’ve got so much knowledge to share"

Lauren studied Biological Sciences