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Realising your potential

Opportunities to go above and beyond at the University of Exeter are everywhere, giving you the perfect stepping stone to excel and reach your potential. Perhaps you will join a new social group or society, or even set one up. You might strive to be a course representative, a mentor, the President of a society you are passionate about, or reach out to our partner companies for that life changing internship. Whatever your potential, we are here to help you reach it.


"I've developed leadership skills, which is fantastic for employability"

"I have become a very active student. Last year I was appointed as the Senior Law Representative, while also taking up the responsibilities of a Residence Life Mentor and a Pathways to Law Mentor. I’ve also undertaken several work experiences in law firms, including a paid summer internship, all facilitated by the University. I am also Vice President for both the Islamic Society and Pakistani Society, giving me chance to develop leadership skills, fantastic for employability"

Iqra, studying Law


"The support you receive from staff is immense"

"I missing getting into Exeter by one grade. I did not want to settle for second best, so I turned down my insurance choice at another top 10 university to take a year out and resit one A level. This was a big risk and a lot of people told me I was crazy. One year later I got my A and secured my place at Exeter! It was one of the hardest yet best decisions I have ever made; Exeter has been amazing so far. The support you receive from staff is immense, they’re constantly looking at ways in which they can improve to accommodate their students"

Cheyenne, studying Sport and Exercise Science


"My advice is to try something new"

"Engineering at Exeter taught me to be an engineer practically, not just theoretically. My advice is to make sure you bite off more than you can chew and try something new! For example, I was a senior ambassador for the university and engaged with the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science on project work"

Daniel, studied Materials Engineering


"The highlight of my time at Exeter has to be when I reached the finals of the UK Law Students' Association Intervarsity Moot"

"The prize that I have received is The Hart Publishing Prize 2015/2016 and is awarded to an undergraduate who has the best overall performance in the Law of Trusts. It is definitely an honour for me to be the recipient of such a prestigious award and a fitting end to my time at Exeter University. Most importantly, I feel that this award is a testament to my unwavering dedication to the study of law and my passion for it. The highlight of my time at Exeter has to be when I reached the finals of the UK Law Students' Association Intervarsity Moot. It was definitely an enriching experience and something I look back upon fondly. Not to forget, the advocacy skills that I have picked up are invaluable and will be extremely useful as I proceed into practice"

Kevin studied Law