The programme is divided into units of study called modules which are assigned a number of 'credits'. The credit rating of a module is proportional to the total workload, with 1 credit being nominally equivalent to 10 hours of work.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
EAFM205 The International Film Business: Approaches, Concepts and Strategies 30
EAFM200 Distribution and Markets 30
EAFM201 The Entertainment Value Chain 30
EAFM202 Models of Innovation 30
EAFM203 Dissertation EAFM203 or EAFM204 are taken60
EAFM204 Dissertation project EAFM203 or EAFM204 are taken60

Optional modules

It should be noted that this programme has no room for modularity as all 180 credits of modules are currently compulsory.