The programme is divided into units of study called modules which are assigned a number of 'credits'. The credit rating of a module is proportional to the total workload, with 1 credit being nominally equivalent to 10 hours of work.

Stage 1 overview

150 credits of compulsory modules, 30 credits of optional modules

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
HUMM015 MRes Dissertation 120
HUMM001 Critical Heritage Studies: Theory and Practice 15
HUMM003 Research Methods 15

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
HUMP MRes International Heritage Management and Consultancy optional modules 2018/9
HUMM002 Heritage: Ethics, Policy, Law 15
HUMM008 Interpretation and Narrative 15
HUMM009 Sites of Conflict, Commemoration, and Memory 15
HUMM010 Heritage Consultancy: Global Challenges 15
HUMM011 Heritage and Environmental Change 15
HUMM012 Heritage Management 15