The programme is divided into units of study called modules which are assigned a number of 'credits'. The credit rating of a module is proportional to the total workload, with 1 credit being nominally equivalent to 10 hours of work.

Compulsory modules

This programme includes a compulsory 3 days ‘Career Camp’ linked to module BEMM170. BEMM170 is an optional module, but the ‘Careers Camp’ is compulsory to all MSc International Management students. The ‘Careers Camp’ will take place during the University Induction week.

CodeModule Credits
BEAM045 Accounting for International Managers 15
BEMM059 International Human Resource Management 15
BEMM116 Principles of International Business 15
BEMM171 Future Trends for International Management 15
BEMM172 Strategy for International Managers 15
BEMM173 International Operations Management 15
BEMM175 Research Skills for Business Research 15

Optional modules

You will choose five options totalling 75 credits from a regularly updated selection.

CodeModule Credits
BEAM033 Banking and Financial Services 15
BEMM108 Entrepreneurship: New Venture Development 15
BEMM118 Strategic Innovation Management 15
BEMM126 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 15
BEMM069 Marketing and New Product Innovation 15
BEMM129 Digital Business Models 15
BEMM135 International Financial Management 15
BEMM161 Sustainable Enterprise Economy 15
BEMM170 Global Career Management - Theory and Practice 15
BEMM070 Service Innovation and Marketing 15
CLSM158 Leadership and Global Challenges 15