The programme is divided into units of study called modules which are assigned a number of 'credits'. The credit rating of a module is proportional to the total workload, with 1 credit being nominally equivalent to 10 hours of work.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
BEEM124 Dissertation 45
BEEM119 Economics of Banking 15
BEEM117 Economics of Corporate Finance 15
BEAM046 Financial Modelling 15
BEAM047 Fundamentals of Financial Management 15
BEEM120 Macroeconomics of Money and Financial Markets 15
BEEM011 Applied Econometrics 1 15
BEEM012 Applied Econometrics 2 15

Optional modules

You will choose two options totalling 30 credits from a regularly updated selection. 

CodeModule Credits
BEAM033 Banking and Financial Services 15
BEAM036 Domestic and International Portfolio Management 15
BEEM125 Experimental and Behavioural Economics 15
BEEM015 Industrial Economics and Strategy 15
BEEM108 International Trade and Regional Integration 15
BEAM029 Topics in Financial Economics 15
BEEM014 Health Economics 15
BEAM065 Bank Management 15