Stage 1: 90 credits of compulsory modules, 30 credits of optional modules

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
THE1101 The Bible: Past and Present 15
THE1102 Christian Origins: from Jesus to the Early Church 15
THE1103 Introducing Christian Theologies 15
THE1104 Judaisms in Transition: Crises and Innovations 15
THE1106 Philosophy of Religion and Christian Ethics 15
THE1076 Religion in the Modern World 15

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
THE BA The&Rel Stage 1 Optional modules 2019/0
ARA1018 Introduction to Islam 15
THE1070 Elements of New Testament Greek 15
THE1074 Present and Future Salvation in the Church Fathers 15
THE1108 Theology, Sexuality and Gender 15
THE2034 Intermediate New Testament Greek 15