Stage 2: 120 credits of optional modules

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
THE BA The&Rel Stage 2 Optional modules 2019/0
THE2034 Intermediate New Testament Greek 15
THE2024 Spirituality - Prayer, Meditation and Worship 30
THE2025 Art in Syria and the Holy Land at the Time of the Crusades 30
THE2026 Postcolonial Theology 30
THE2031 Encountering the Historical Jesus 30
THE2119 Dead Sea Scrolls 30
THE2152 Evolution, God and Gaia 30
THE2180 Reading Augustine through the Confessions 30
THE2185 Incarnation: Topics in Philosophical Theology 30
THE2199 Theology and Criminal Justice 30
THE2219 Religion and Holocaust Memory in Public Life 30
Employment Experience modules HUM2000 or HUM2001
HUM2000 Humanities in the Workplace 30
HUM2001 Humanities in the Workplace 15