Students take 120 credits of Theology and Religion option modules, unless opting for modules outside of the department.  There are no core modules at Stage 2.

Examples of level 2 Theology modules can be found at:

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
THE1070 Elements of New Testament Greek 15
THE2034 Intermediate New Testament Greek 15
THE2023 Military Ethics in Christian Perspective 30
THE2024 Spirituality - Prayer, Meditation and Worship 30
THE2025 Art in Syria and the Holy Land at the Time of the Crusades 30
THE2026 Postcolonial Theology 30
THE2031 Encountering the Historical Jesus 30
THE2118 Scribes, Apostles and Sages: Early Jewish Biblical Exegesis 30
THE2152 Evolution, God and Gaia 30
THE2173 Life and Death in Israel and Judah 30
THE2185 Incarnation: Topics in Philosophical Theology 30
THE2206 Interpreting the Bible on Screen 30
THE2286 Jewish Religious Responses to the Holocaust 30