Compulsory modules

Core Film Studies modules

CodeModule Credits
EAF2502 Shots in the Dark 30

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
EAS2026 Desire and Power: English Literature 1570-1640 30
EAS2071 Chaucer and His Contemporaries 30
EAS2080 Renaissance and Revolution 30
EAS2102 Satire and the City: English Literature 1660-1750 30
EAS2113 Culture, Crisis and Ecology in a Postcolonial World 30
EAF2510 Adaptation: Text, Image, Culture 30
EAS2029 Revolutions and Evolutions 19C Writings 30
EAS2103 Modernism and Modernity: Literature 1900-1960 30
EAS2104 Crossing the Water: Transatlantic Literary Relations 30
EAS2106 Romanticism 30
EAS2112 Empire of Liberty: American Literature, 1776 to present 30
EAS2031 Creative Writing: Building a Story 30
EAS2032 Creative Writing: Making a Poem 30
EAS2089 Creative Industries: Their Past, Our Future 30
EAS2090 Humanities After the Human: Further Adventures in Critical Theory 30