Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
DRA2064 Performance and Interpretation 30

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
EGLS BA English and Drama (Drama) Stage 2 Optional modules 19/20
DRA2045 Theatre and Health 30
DRA2067 Staging The Text 30
DRA2083 Intermedial Performance Practice 30
DRA2085 Cultures of the Street 30
DRA2087 Activism and Performance 30
EGLS BA English and Drama (English) Stage 2 Optional modules 19/20
EAS2026 Desire and Power: English Literature 1570-1640 30
EAS2031 Creative Writing: Building a Story 30
EAS2032 Creative Writing: Making a Poem 30
EAS2071 Chaucer and His Contemporaries 30
EAS2089 Creative Industries: Their Past, Our Future 30
EAS2103 Modernism and Modernity: Literature 1900-1960 30
EAS2105 Theatrical Cultures: Renaissance to Restoration 30
EAS2112 Empire of Liberty: American Literature, 1776 to Present 30
EAS2029 Revolutions and Evolutions 19C Writings 30
EAS2080 Renaissance and Revolution 30
EAS2090 Humanities after the Human: Further Adventures in Critical Theory 30
EAS2102 Satire and the City: English Literature 1660-1750 30
EAS2104 Crossing the Water: Transatlantic Literary Relations 30
EAS2106 Romanticism 30
EAS2113 Culture, Crisis and Ecology in a Postcolonial World 30
EAF2502 Shots in the Dark 30
EAF2510 Adaptation: Text, Image, Culture 30
Employment Experience modules HUM2000 or HUM2001
HUM2000 Humanities in the Workplace 30
HUM2001 Humanities in the Workplace 15