Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
DRA3094 Theatre Dissertation [see note c above]30
EAS3003 Dissertation [see note c above]30
EAS3122 Creative Writing Dissertation [see note c above]30

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
EGLS BA English and Drama (Drama) Stage 3/4 Optional modules 19/20
DRA3009 Theatre Practice II: Directing 30
DRA3011 Practice II: Technical Specialisation 30
DRA3012 Theatre Practice I: Applied Drama 30
DRA3024 Restoration Theatre:Culture and Politics 30
DRA3030 Interpretative Acting II 30
DRA3050 Creative Industries Management 30
DRA3075 Playwriting 30
EGLS BA English and Drama (English) Stage 3/4 Optional modules 19/20
AHV3004 Victorian Visions: Art, Industry and the Modern 30
EAF3106 Female Screens: Representation, Agency and Authorship 30
EAF3233 Surrealism and Its Legacies 30
EAF3501 American Independent Film 30
EAF3513 British Screens 30
EAF3515 Something to See: War and Visual Media 30
EAF3517 Queering British Cinema 30
EAS3100 Hardy and Women Who Did: the Coming of Modernity 30
EAS3193 Politics and Performance: Drama in the Civil War and Restoration 30
EAS3128 Writing the Short Film 30
EAS3131 Advanced Critical Theory 30
EAS3134 Serious Play: Creative Writing Workshop 30
EAS3141 Imperial Encounters: the Victorians and their World 30
EAS3167 James Joyce's Ulysses 30
EAS3177 India Uncovered - Representations in Film and Fiction 30
EAS3179 Life and Death in Early Modern Literature 30
EAS3180 Literature/Anti-Literature 30
EAS3181 Visual and Literary Cultures of Realism 30
EAS3182 Encountering the Other in Medieval Literature 30
EAS3183 After Homer: Poetry, Fiction, Film 30
EAS3188 Moby-Dick 30
EAS3189 William Golding and the Archive 30
EAS3190 African Narratives 30
EAS3191 Writing for Children and Young Adults 30
EAS3192 Insurgent Narratives: Class Warfare in the Long 20th Century 30
EAS3194 Resource Fictions: Oil, Water and Conflict in the World-System 30
EAS3195 Acts of Writing: From Decolonisation to Globalisation 30
EAS3196 Charles Dickens: Novelist, Journalist and Reformer 30
EAS3197 Sport, Literature and Media 30
EAS3198 The Death of the Novel 30
EAS3199 Publishing Contemporary Literature: History, Practice, Theory 30
EAS3219 Virginia Woolf: Fiction, Feeling, Form 30
EAS3225 'Reader, I Married Him': The Evolution of Romance Fiction from 1740 to the Present 30
EAS3226 Modern Irish Literature 30
EAS3228 Romance from Chaucer to Shakespeare 30
EAS3231 Spectacular Bodies: Shakespeare and Counter-cultural Performance 30
EAS3234 Citizens of the World 30
EAS3235 American Modern 30
EAS3237 The Rise of Science 30
EAS3238 Mystery and Manners: The American Short Story 30
EAS3241 Harlem and After: African American Literature 1925-present 30
EAS3248 Against the Mainstream: Alternative Comics, Politics, and US Society 30
EAS3249 Disturbing Things: Creative Writing in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM) Collections 30
EAS3250 Insurgent Narratives: Class Warfare and Modern Literature 30
EAS3251 Long-Form Writing: A Guide 30
EAS3408 Poetry and Politics 30
EAS3409 Ghosts, Witches and Demons: the Renaissance Supernatural 30
EAS3411 Speaking Animals: Literature and Interspecies Relations 30