Compulsory modules

c You must select a Dissertation in either Drama, English or Creative Writing: DRA3094, EAS3003 or EAS3122. You cannot choose more than one module from this group.

CodeModule Credits
DRA3094 Theatre Dissertation [See note c above]30
EAS3003 Dissertation [See note c above]30
EAS3122 Creative Writing Dissertation [See note c above]30

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
DRA BA English and Drama (Level 6 optional modules) 2018/19
DRA3009 Theatre Practice II: Directing 30
DRA3011 Practice II: Technical Specialisation 30
DRA3012 Theatre Practice I: Applied Drama 30
DRA3024 Restoration Theatre:Culture and Politics 30
DRA3030 Interpretative Acting II 30
DRA3050 Creative Industries Management 30
DRA3075 Playwriting 30
DRA3076 The Actor's Body: Intercultural Theories and Practices 30
DRA3084 Physical performance: choreography in theatre-making 30
DRA3086 Theatre and Globalisation: 21st Century Black British Drama 30
DRA3089 Lecoq: Theatre of Creation 30
DRA3091 Voice Theatres 30
DRA3093 Ghosts and Hauntology in Theatre and Performance 30
DRA3095 Music Drama 30
AHV3010 Art, Industry and the Modern, 1840-1900 30
EAF3106 Female Screens: Representation, Agency and Authorship 30
EAF3233 Surrealism and Its Legacies 30
EAF3501 American Independent Film 30
EAF3513 British Screens 30
EAF3515 Something to See: War and Visual Media 30
EAS3100 Hardy and Women Who Did: The Coming of Modernity 30
EAS3128 Writing the short Film 30
EAS3131 Advanced Critical Theory 30
EAS3134 Serious Play: Creative Writing Workshop 30
EAS3141 Imperial Encounters: the Victorians and their World 30
EAS3167 James Joyce's Ulysses 30
EAS3177 India Uncovered - Representations in Film and Fiction 30
EAS3179 Life and Death in Early Modern Literature 30
EAS3180 Literature/Anti-Literature 30
EAS3181 Visual and Literary Cultures of Realism 30
EAS3182 Encountering the Other in Medieval Literature 30
EAS3188 Moby-Dick 30
EAS3189 William Golding and the Archive 30
EAS3190 African Narratives 30
EAS3191 Writing for Children and Young Adults 30
EAS3192 Insurgent Narratives: Class Warfare in the Long 20th Century 30
EAS3194 Resource Fictions: Oil, Water and Conflict in the World-System 30
EAS3195 Acts of Writing: From Decolonisation to Globalisation 30
EAS3196 Charles Dickens: Novelist, Journalist and Reformer 30
EAS3197 Sport, Literature and Media 30
EAS3198 The Death of the Novel 30
EAS3199 Publishing Contemporary Literature: History, Practice, Theory 30
EAS3219 Virginia Woolf: Fiction, Feeling, Form 30
EAS3225 'Reader, I Married Him': The Evolution of Romance Fiction from 1740 to the Present 30
EAS3226 Modern Irish Literature 30
EAS3228 Romance from Chaucer to Shakespeare 30
EAS3234 Citizens of the World 30
EAS3237 The Rise of Science 30
EAS3238 Mystery and Manners: The American Short Story 30
EAS3242 From Comics to Graphic Novels 30
EAS3408 Poetry and Politics 30
EAS3409 Ghosts, Witches and Demons: the Renaissance Supernatural 30
EAS3411 Speaking Animals: Literature and Interspecies Relations 30
THE3042 Legends of the Fall 30