Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
ANT2002 Ethnography Now 15
ANT2003 Current Debates in Anthropology 15
ARC2004 Archaeological Fieldschool 30

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
ARC2117 The Archaeology of the Indian Subcontinent 15
ARC2119 Art of the Metal Smith: Cultural Archaeologies of Technical Achievement 15
ARC2120 Things and Us: Ancient and Contemporary Material Culture 15
ARC2121 Brooches, Beads, Swords and Shields: Early Medieval Material Culture 15
ARC2129 Archaeology of Empire 1: Egypt in the New Kingdom (Late Bronze Age) 1600-1050BC 15
ARC2130 Discovering the Past with Molecular Science 15
ARC2131 Palaeolithic Archaeology of Homo Sapiens 100,000-12,000 BP 15
ARC2406 Medieval Castles in Context 15
ARC2504 Zooarchaeology 15
ARC2513 Aerial Survey 15
ARC2514 Forensic Anthropology 15
ARA1030 Introduction to Islamic Archaeology 15
ARA2014 Regions and Empires in Islamic Archaeology 15
ARC2133 Archaeology, Archaeometry and Experimental Archaeology of Pottery: an Introduction 15