Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
ANT3040 Anthropology Dissertation [see note c above]30
ARC3000 Archaeological Dissertation [see note c above]30

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
ARC BA Archaeology and Anthropology (Anthropology) Stage 3/4 Optional modules 2019/20
ARA2118 Gender-Identity and Modernity in the Middle East 15
ARA2134 Ethnography of the Middle East 15
ARA2150 Muslims in Britain 15
ANT2005 Current Debates in Anthropology: Practice 15
ANT3004 Living Cities: Migration, Place and the Politics of Identities 15
ANT3005 Human-Animal Interactions 15
ANT3012 The Human Condition: Classic Readings in Anthropology 15
ANT3013 Visual Anthropology: Methods and Perspectives 15
ANT3014 Cultures: Food 15
ANT3015 The Deep Past, History and Humanity 15
ANT3016 Anthropology of the State 15
ANT3017 Anthropology of Islam 15
ANT3021 Anthropology of the Middle East 15
ANT3022 Permaculture and Gardening with Nature 15
ANT3023 Theory and Methods of Food Preservation 15
ANT3024 Anthropology of Forced Migration 15
ANT3035 Philosophical Anthropology 15
ANT3041 Environments in Public 15
ANT3080 Institutional Ethnography 15
ANT3084 Ethnomusicology 15
ANT3085 Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society Part 1: Medicine and Social Control 15
ANT3086 Addiction 30
ANT3087 Disability and Society 15
ANT3088 Health, Illness and Bodies in Contemporary Society: Part 2: Bodies in Society 15
ANT3089 Cultures of Race, Ethnicity and Racism 15
ANT3097 Environment and Society 15
ANT3103 Senses and Society 15
ANT3107 Culture and Wellbeing 15
ANT3109 Contemporary Capitalism, Critique and Resistance 15
SOC3013 Gender and Society 1 15
SOC3028 Media in Society 15
SOC3030 Sociology of Art and Culture 15
SOC3034 International Criminal Justice: Comparative Criminology 15
SOC3036 International Criminal Justice: Application of Theory to Transnational and International Crime 15
SOC3080 Pharmaceutical Cultures 15
SOC3096 Cyborg Studies 15
SOC3094 Data Analysis in Social Science III 15
SOC3108 Sociology of Family and Gender 15
SOC3112 Introduction to Terrorism Studies 30
SOC3118 Sociology and Demography of Religion 15
SPA3001 Debates, Issues and Practices 15
THE3219 Religion and Holocaust Memory in Public Life 30
ARC BA Archaeology and Anthropology (Archaeology) Stage 3/4 Optional modules 2019/20
ARC3003 Professional Placement 30
ARC3006 Advanced Fieldwork Project 15
ARC3117 The Archaeology of the Indian Subcontinent 15
ARC3120 Things and Us: Ancient and Contemporary Material Culture 15
ARC3121 Brooches, Beads, Swords and Shields: Early Medieval Material Culture 15
ARC3128 Pyramids and Elephants: The Kingdom of Kush 15
ARC3132 Digital Approaches to Archaeological Data 15
ARC3134 Beastly Questions: Animal Answers to Archaeological Issues 15
ARC3406 Medieval Castles in Context 15
ARC3506A Reading Stone Tools 15
ARC3611 Funerary Osteoarchaeology 15
CLA3116 Britain in the Roman World 15