There are two forms of entry to the degree programme. Advanced entrants already have a qualification, usually, at A-level, in Spanish. Beginners in Spanish do not. Thus there are two syllabuses, outlined below.

Compulsory modules

For History, you will study throughout the year EITHER Understanding the Medieval and Early Modern World (30 credits), OR Understanding the Modern World (30 credits ) and Making History (15 credits).  You will also study ONE Sources and Skills Module (15 credits).

CodeModule Credits
HIH1400 Making History 15
HIH1410 Understanding the Medieval and Early-Modern World OR30
HIH1420 Understanding the Modern World OR30
MLF1001 French Language OR30
MLF1052 French Language for Beginners OR30
MLG1001 German Language OR30
MLG1052 German Language for Beginners OR30
MLI1001 Italian Language OR30
MLI1052 Italian Language for Beginners OR30
MLM1052 Beginners Chinese OR30
MLP1052 Portuguese Language for Beginners OR30
MLR1001 Contemporary Russian Written and Oral OR30
MLR1030 Russian Language for Beginners OR30
MLS1001 Spanish Language OR30

Optional modules

You will also study one of the History Sources and Skills modules (15 credits). These modules are designed to give you grounding in some of the main themes and methodologies of History as a subject. They also offer an overview across a broad span of time so that you can decide whether you wish to pursue particular subjects or periods in greater depth in Year 2 or maintain a broader perspective.

Two 15-credit modules related to your chosen language (e.g., for French, two 15-credit MLF1xxx-coded modules). The full list of Modern Languages optional modules can be accessed at:

CodeModule Credits
MLF1014 Love and Death in French Culture 15
MLF1015 War and Conflict in French Literature 15
MLF1103 The French Language, Present and Past 15
MLF1105 An Introduction to French Thought 15
MLF1121 French Visual History 15
MLG1014 A Nation Remembers: Issues in German Cultural Memory 15
MLG1015 Representations of Education in German Literature and Film: Satire, Trauma, Melodrama 15
MLG1017 Turning Points in German History 1200 - 2000 15
MLG1018 Nature and the City in German Literature, Visual Arts and Film 15
MLI1016 Italy Inside Out: Popular Visual Narratives about Italy 15
MLI1055 Introduction to Italian Linguistics 15
MLI1121 A Thousand Faces: Cultures and History in 19th-Century Italy 15
MLM1010 China of the Senses: Approaching Chinese Culture and Environments 15
MLM1012 Modern China, a Brief History: 18th to 20th Century 15
MLP1002 Introduction to the Lusophone World 15
MLR1023 Russia: Empire and Identity 15
MLR1025 Imperfect Murder: Reading Crime and Punishment 15
MLS1016 Gender Perspectives 15
MLS1064 An Introduction to the Hispanic World: Texts in Context 15
MLS1065 The Making of Modern Spain 15
MLS1066 The Making of Modern Latin America: History Through Literature and Culture 15
HISS UG History stage 1 Sources and Skills modules 2018-9
HIH1018 'War without Hate': The North African Campaign, 1940-1943 15
HIH1034 Red Sky at Morning: The Origins of Communism in East and Southeast Asia 15
HIH1042 Murder in Early Modern England 15
HIH1525 Restoration London: Plague, Fire and History 15
HIH1542 Magic and Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe 15
HIH1597 Serfdom in Late Medieval England 15
HIH1600 Images of Stalinism 15
HIH1014 The Body in Eighteenth-Century Britain 15
HIH1024 From Bound Feet to 'Half the Sky': Women and Modern China 15
HIH1029 The Norman Conquest of England: Origins and Aftermath 15
HIH1038 The Transatlantic Slave Trade: Origins, Development and Impact 15
HIH1039 Revolutionary Cuba 15
HIH1406 The Opium War: Britain and the Birth of Modern China, 1839-1842 15
HIH1501 The Viking Phenomenon 15
HIH1505 The First Crusade 15
HIH1506 The First Day of the Somme 15
HIH1517 Men, Women and Madness in Twentieth-Century Britain 15
HIH1547 Reforging the Union: The Reconstruction Era in American History, 1865-1877 15
HIH1596 The Good War? The United States in World War II 15
HIH1607 JFK 15
HIH1612 Renaissance Florence 1350-1550 15
HIH1613 Violent Justice, Legal Reform and Revolutionary Terror: Law in Eighteenth-Century France 15
HIH1047 "Gone for a Soldier": The British Army, Society and Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century 15
HIH1048 Being a Barbarian: Identity, Memory and the Creation of Medieval Europe 15
HIH1411 From Wigan Pier to Piccadilly: Britain between the Wars 15