In the second year you will advance your knowledge and methods through a set of compulsory modules. Optional modules enable you to develop specialist knowledge on a range of topics. For History, you will choose one of the following pathways: 

Pathway A

2 optional 30 credit modules

Pathway B

Optional module, Term 1

HIH2001, Term 2

Pathway C

HIH2002, Term 1

Optional module, Term 2

Pathway D

HIH2002 Term 1

HIH2001 Term 2

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
HIH2001 Doing History: Perspectives on Sources For the History dissertation30
MLF2001 French Language, Written and Oral OR30
MLG2001 German Language, Written and Oral OR30
MLG2052 Intermediate German OR30
MLI2001 Italian Language, Written and Oral OR30
MLI2051 Italian Language OR30
MLM2052 Intermediate Chinese (One) OR30
MLP2052 Intermediate Portuguese OR30
MLR2001 Contemporary Russian Written and Oral I OR30
MLR2030 Intermediate Russian OR30
MLS2001 Spanish Language, Written and Oral OR30
MLS2156 Spanish Language (ex-beginners) 30

Optional modules

Modern Languages
Two 15-credit modules related to your chosen language (e.g., for French, two 15-credit MLF2xxx-coded modules). The full list of Modern Languages optional modules can be accessed at:


Optional History modules can be found at the following link:  

CodeModule Credits
MLF2003 Freedom and French Realism 15
MLF2012 Evolution of the French Language 15
MLF2029 Varieties of French 15
MLF2056 Provoking Thoughts - French Literature and Philosophy from the Renaissance to the 20th Century 15
MLF2063 Crime and Punishment in French Fiction 15
MLF2066 Intimate Spaces of the French Enlightenment 15
MLF2068 Telling Stories: Narrative Strategies in 19th and 20th Century Fiction in French 15
MLF2069 East is East? Cross-Cultural Encounters in Medieval French Literature 15
MLF2070 Violence and Virtue: Early Modern French Theatre 15
MLG2002 Reformation and Rupture, the Sinner and the Saved: An Introduction to Germany in the Early Modern Period 15
MLG2018 Berlin - Culture, History and Politics 15
MLG2034 Crime and Madness in German Prose Fiction 15
MLG2038 Comic Perspectives on German History in Literature and Film 15
MLI2018 Love (and Marriage?) in Contemporary Italian Film Comedy 15
MLI2207 Narratives of Child Sexual Abuse 15
MLI2220 Politics and Religion in Alessandro Manzoni's The Betrothed 15
MLM2010 Reading China: from Mandarins to Revolutionists 15
MLM2011 Encounters and Entanglements: Chinese Art in Global Perspective 15
MLM2012 Politics of Art: a Cultural Studies Perspective on Modern China 15
MLP2002 Portuguese as a Global Language 15
MLP2005 Travelling Identities in the Lusophone World 15
MLR2019 Russian Cinema in Five Films 15
MLR2021 Understanding Russia 15
MLR2022 Soviet History from the Revolution to the Death of Stalin 15
MLS2045 Federico Garcia Lorca: Theatre and Poetry 15
MLS2060 Love and Death in Spanish Drama 15
MLS2061 The Latin American Short Story 15
MLS2067 Spain from Democracy to Dictatorship: Republic, Civil War and Francoism, 1931-1953 15
MLS2070 Catalonia Is Not Spain? Modern Catalan Culture in Context 15
MLS2158 "What is Love? And Do I Need It?" An Introduction to Spanish Renaissance Love Poetry 15
MLS2159 Key Modern Poets from Spain and Latin America 15
MLS2160 Fiction in Post-War Spain: Voices of Conformity and Subversion 15
SML2243 Text and Image in Early European Culture 15
SML2244 Multilingualism in Society 15