Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
DRA2064 Performance and Interpretation 30
DRA2067 Staging The Text 30

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
DRA BA Drama Stage 2 optional modules 2019-0
DRA2007 Theatre Practice II: Interpretative Acting 30
DRA2013 Theatre Practice Dance/Choreography 30
DRA2026 Applied Drama: Interactive Theatre 30
DRA2045 Theatre and Health 30
DRA2061B Digital Theatrecrafts 30
DRA2083 Intermedial Performance Practice 30
DRA2085 Cultures of the Street 30
DRA2087 Activism and Performance 30
DRA2088 The Function of Laughter: Lecoq and the Comedic Territories 30
DRA2089 Popular Entertainment and Performance Documentation 30
Employment Experience modules HUM2000 or HUM2001
HUM2000 Humanities in the Workplace 30
HUM2001 Humanities in the Workplace 15