60 credits of compulsory modules, 60 credits of optional modules.

a You must take either BIO2431 or BIO2437 (you cannot choose more than one module from this group).

b It is compulsory to take a field course in the second year. You must select at least one field course module from BIO2436, BIO2442, BIO2443, BIO2444, BIO2448 and BIO2449. BIO2442 is the default free module and may be substituted with BIO2436, BIO2443, BIO2444, BIO2448 or BIO2449. If you are unable to go on a field course, you will be required to take BIO2450 Biosciences Penryn Virtual Field Course instead; BIO2450 is only available if you are not going on the field course.

c You may not take GEO2449 and LES2002 in the same academic year.

Compulsory modules

CodeModule Credits
BIO2426 Analysis of Biological Data 15
BIO2430 Behavioural Ecology 15
BioP BIO2431-BIO2437 modules [See note a above]
BIO2431 The Biology of Mammals 15
BIO2437 Biology of Aquatic Vertebrates 15
BioP Stage 2 field course modules 2019-0 [See note b above]
BIO2436 Pembrokeshire Field Course 15
BIO2442 Scillies Field Course 15
BIO2443 Cyprus Field Course 15
BIO2444 Scotland Field Course 15
BIO2448 Switzerland Field Course 15
BIO2449 Pyrenees Field Course 15
BIO2450 Biosciences Penryn Virtual Field Course 15

Optional modules

CodeModule Credits
BioP Stage 2 BSc-MSci Zoo optional modules 2019-0
BIO2406 Biodiversity and Conservation 15
BIO2407 Population and Community Ecology 15
BIO2414 Evolutionary Ecology 15
BIO2423 Wildlife Disease 15
BIO2425 Introduction to Ecological Consultancy 15
BIO2427 Animal Ecophysiology 15
BIO2428 Development of Behaviour 15
BIO2432 Exploitation of the Sea 15
BIO2439 Biology of Birds 15
BIO2441 Applied Insect Ecology 15
BIO2446 Molecular Ecology 15
CSC2010M Oceans and Human Health 15
CSC2011M Living with Environmental Change 15
ECM2911 Mathematics of the Environment 15
GEO2435 Evolution of Human Societies 15
GEO2440 Geographical Information Science and Systems 15
GEO2441 Remote Sensing for Environmental Management 15
BioP Employability optional modules [See note c above]
LES2002 Workplace Learning 15
GEO2449 Green Consultants 15