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To find out more information and to download details about the Creative Fellowships and how to apply please click here.

Applications now open for Creative Fellowships 2021-22 Artists Callout

Arts and Culture University of Exeter is inviting applications from creative practitioners for a Creative Fellowship that will run March-June 2022. This will be a 4-5 week exploratory placement, working in an interdisciplinary context.

The Creative Fellowships are open to practitioners of any artform, including visual, digital, sound and performing arts, craft, design, film, literature, music and beyond. Rather than being a residency, these opportunities are described as placements. The creative practitioner is a peer, opening up new approaches and conversations with the University hosts while developing and enriching their own creative practice. This scheme encourages mutually-beneficial exchange, where both the host and the creative practitioner gain new insights and potential ways of working.

The University of Exeter Creative Fellowship 2021-22 host is the 
Exeter Education Incubator. The Exeter Education Incubator was established in 2017 to support educators to innovate in their education practice across the university and to provide others with opportunities to learn from their work. To date they have worked directly with over 150 educators, supporting similar numbers of students working on their projects. Their work has huge impact, both broad and deep, on student learning and experiences at Exeter. The educators and students they work with are creating huge value across the institution. The value the Incubator creates is more than the sum of these parts.

The total budget per Creative Fellowship is £5,000 (inclusive of VAT). This must include the practitioner’s fee, equipment, travel and accommodation, and production costs. The Arts and Culture team will support additional expenses including film-making and photography, event planning and delivery, promotion, and dissemination.

To find out more information and to download details about the Creative Fellowships and how to apply 
please click here.

Applications close on Friday 25th February, 5pm.

Date: 4 February 2022

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