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Noise and waste concerns - 17 June 2021

Dear students,

As term comes to an end we’ve received a number of concerns from local residents about noise late into the evenings or in the early hours of the morning. There are also issues surrounding waste being left out in between bin collection days.

We understand that at the end of an incredibly difficult year for you, with exams completed, warm summer evenings and the easing of some lockdown restrictions, many of you are catching up with friends in gardens or pubs. As you do so, please consider others in our community and keep loud music and conversations to a minimum late at night. Bear in mind the school holidays have yet to start and many of your neighbours will be getting up early the next day to go to work. Many of the gardens that we socialise in back on to other houses. Please be considerate to those who live nearby and take the opportunity to talk to your neighbours if you are planning a party or gathering. Noise also travels considerably when you’re walking home after an evening out, particularly when in a group.

We have information in our Students’ Guide (pages 24 &25) which will help you to plan your socialising in a way which minimises the impact on your neighbours and I know many of you have worked to establish good relationships with others in the community.

The other issue surrounds leaving rubbish outside in between the usual bin collection days; this can attract rodents, gulls and lead to waste being strewn around the streets. The University has paid for extra collections under the Students on the Move scheme and I would urge you to make use of this. You can get find out more about the additional collections and how to get the stickers here -

We have seen a rise in COVID-19 cases across the UK, so please continue to stick to the Government guidelines in order to try to keep yourselves and others safe; you can find the latest information here -

I know many of you are very mindful of your neighbours, refuse and COVID-19 guidelines and I thank you for your continuing efforts. I hope you understand that in order to improve the current situation as quickly as possible, I have felt it necessary to write to all our students. We pride ourselves on being good neighbours and responsible members of our community. Please play your part in meeting these expectations.


Best wishes,



Mike Shore-Nye
Registrar and Secretary