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Register for HALO

Please ensure that you register your profile on the HALO testing system before you arrive at the Testing Centre. Failure to do so can result in delays in you receiving your test result. 

Please review the guides for HALO tests which will ensure that you complete the process accurately to allow your test result to be sent to you.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you will be able to download the HALO Verify App from the App Store. Please refer to our HALO iPhone and iPad guide

If you have an Android phone or a PC, you will be able to use to complete the test procedure. Plkease refer to our HALO Android and PC guide

to HALO

Once you have access to HALO, the sign-in will ask if you are part of a company? Please answer "yes" to this and enter the information given below: 

  • Email: Please enter your University of Exeter email address
  • Company: University of Exeter*
  • Company pin: 565693

Please bring your telephone with you, to the Test Centre.

*Make sure you register the University of Exeter as your company - failure to do so may result in delays to your test result or being charged unnecessarily for your test. You must use your University of Exeter email address to complete your profile.  

How do I complete my test?

The test kit comes with all the instructions you will need to complete the test successfully, but here are some key points to consider in advance.

  • To complete the test with the highest possible accuracy,  DO NOT; eat, drink, brush your teeth, or smoke 30 minutes prior to the test. This will dilute your saliva making it harder to give you an accurate result.
  • Please ensure you have washed your hands and you are wearing a facemask.
  • The app or website will walk you through the test. DO click right to the end of the test and ensure you click on 'complete test', otherwise it does not register that you have done the test and you will not receive your test result.
  • Your test will be in a small cardboard package and it will have a barcode on it that you will scan into the app – this will match up with your results, and we aim for your test results to be back with you within 24 hours.
  • Please be respectful of others at the testing site and refrain from taking photos or filming others while you are waiting to take your test.  

What should I do when I get my results? 

I have a negative test

If you test negative, please continue to follow our COVID-19 secure measures around campus and ensure you follow the Government guidance on hands, face, space to help us protect our community. Make sure you follow the COVID-19 rules and especially any tiers that Exeter or Penryn is in at the time. 

If you are tested as part of the Government ‘Test and Release’ scheme for international arrivals you can leave self-isolation as soon as you receive a negative test result.

I have a positive test

If you test positive for COVID-19, you must self-isolate immediately. The University will contact you to support you further.

If you have requested a test as part of the Government’s Test and Release scheme and receive a positive result you need to self-isolate for another 10 days. Count the 10 days starting from the day you took the test, or from when you first had symptoms if that is earlier.

My test is inconclusive

In the event that your test result is inconclusive, you will be contacted by HALO and we advise you to book another test as soon as possible using the online form.