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We need your help to keep our community safe. You can do this by wearing your face covering, keeping a good distance from others and maintaining good hand hygiene wherever you go. We also need you to participate in Visitor logging.
By completing this log, we can use this to get in touch with you if a COVID-19 outbreak is identified, it will help us to break the chain in transmission and help keep infection rates low. We want to avoid a second spike at all costs and don't want to have to re-introduce lockdown measures.

Please click on the link above and log your details. Don't worry though, this will be very quick to do.

In the event that you have been in close contact participating in the events below, or more information is needed, you will be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace or other local Public Health officials.

  • Attending a lecture/seminar 
  • Using a non-bookable study space
  • Using a catering outlet
  • Participating in/spectating a sporting event
  • Attending a faith event
  • Visiting a museum / collection
  • Using University transport

Any information you give will be held securely and will be used strictly for NHS Test and Trace purposes. It will be securely destroyed 21 days after your visit.

Thank you for your support.

government advice for staying safe during covid19