CSM in action!

Did you know...?

Did you know that CSM participates in one of the oldest and most historic Varsity sports events?

The Bottle Match is a varsity match played between the Camborne School of Mines and the Royal School of Mines (RSM), Imperial College London. The first recorded match between the two sides took place on 16 December 1902, making it the second oldest rugby varsity match in the world.

CSM line up photo

The Bottle Match started as a rugby union match but as the schools sporting interests diversified other sports began to be played and from 2006 is now made up of six games played between the two institutions: men's rugby union, football, men's and women’s hockey, squash and golf. As of 2010 Netball has been included as an event.

The Bottle Match is traditionally held during the month of February normally on the last weekend of the month. Ancient rivalry between the RSM and CSM ensures that the competition gets fiercer by the year!

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