Exeter Clinical Trials Support Network (ECTSN)

‌The Exeter Clinical Trials Support Network (ECTSN) aims to provide a termly meeting forum for clinical trial/study personnel to network and collaborate and share best practice for the effective management and delivery of clinical trials. Objectives of ECTSN include:

• Sharing and harmonisation of professional practices within the Network
• Hosting common reading materials and resources for access by members
• Identification and provision of training and education
• Providing a frame work to improve collaboration and communication
• Improving quality and performance of locally run clinical trials
• Liaising with the national Trial Manager’s Network
• Enhancing the reputation of Exeter as a national and international centre for clinical trials.

Who can attend ECTSN meetings?

Anyone that is involved in the running and delivery of clinical trials including Trial/Study Managers/Coordinators, Administrators, Data Managers and Quality Assurance and Governance Managers.

University of Exeter staff with expertise in Trial Management

Next meeting

17th Meeting 19th March 2019

Previous meetings

ECTSN Flyer Event 16, 15 November 2018

15th meeting-Tuesday, 1st May, 2018 (download slides)

14th meeting-Wednesday 8th November 2017 (download slides)

13th meeting - Wednesday 7th June 2017 (download slides)
View Clinical trial Data Programming & Management presentation 

12th meeting - Tuesday 21st February 2017 ( download flier)
11th Meeting - Tuesday 11th October 2016 (download flier)
10th meeting, Wednesday 20th July 2016 (download flier)

9th meeting, Wednesday 9th March 2016 (download flier)
8th meeting, Wednesday 15th July 2015 (download flier)
7th meeting, Monday 9th February 2015 (download flier)
6th meeting, Wednesday 22nd October 2014 (download flier)
5th meeting, Wednesday 28th May 2014 (download flier)
4th meeting, Wednesday 26th February 2014 (download flier)
3rd meeting, Wednesday 18th September 2013 (download flier)
2nd meeting, Wednesday, 8th May 2013 (download flier)
1st meeting, Wednesday, 27th February 2013 (download flier)