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Clinical Associate in Psychology (MSc) Degree Apprenticeship

The Clinical Associate in Psychology Degree Apprenticeship upskills healthcare professionals to become competent in the assessment, formulation and delivery of psychological treatments in multiple clinical settings.

We work closely with employers and are able to tailor the delivery of each cohort to fit in with your needs.

Through this programme apprentices will learn how to champion research-driven and evidence-based approaches using skills including reflective practice, and assessment, formulation and intervention.  

Apprentices develop a flexible, sensitive approach to care by covering key topics (Core skills in relationships for clinical work, Research and Evidence-based Practice, Skills in assessment, Formulation and intervention, Professional understanding and reflective practice) and integrating the theory they learn in the classroom to their workplace.

We ensure that our degree apprenticeship fully meets the BPS (British Psychological Society) accreditation standard. Successful completion of the programme will result in the award of the Level 7 Clinical Associate in Psychology Degree Apprenticeship  and a University of Exeter MSc (Hons) in Clinical Associate in Psychology. 

Clinical Associate in Psychology is delivered either through a blended learning model or fully online. The apprenticeship and degree are completed over 18 months and the apprentice learns through having:

  • One day a week 'off-the-job' training
  • One day a week of independent studying
  • Three days per week of direct clinical work
  • Teaching which involves: class-based activities, self-reflective learning, work-based study and guided independent study

Approximately 20% of the Degree Apprentice’s contractual working time will be applied to studying - the model is designed to be flexible around the needs of employers and individual workloads. Attendance can either be on our Cornwall campus in Truro, or fully online.

Our dedicated Degree Apprenticeship partnerships team liaise closely with the NHS throughout the programme, we can assist you with recruiting, education support and administration. Each apprentice is allocated an Academic Mentor to ensure their successful completion of the programme.

Tuition fees for this 18-month programme are £16,000.

Employers who pay the Apprenticeship Levy will pay these fees directly through that contribution.

Business who do not pay the Levy will be able to claim 95 per cent of the cost of tuition fees from Government. If you employ fewer than 50 people and recruit an 18-year-old or a care leaver, up to 100 per cent Government contribution may be available.

See further information on the Apprenticeship Levy funding.

Employers must pay their apprentices at least a salary consistent with national legislation and cover the costs of any travel and accommodation required to attend any face-to-face teaching.