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General FAQs.





For non emergency maintenance work please complete the Request Maintenance form. We will process your request and send you an email with a request reference number.

All jobs reported to the Campus Services Helpdesk are prioritised in order of urgency and are dealt with according to the Direct Works Service Level Agreement.

Normal working hours: 08:00-20:00 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

PriorityResponse time (during normal working hours*)
 1 - emergency  Immediate response - attend site within 1 hour (out of hours attend site within 2 hours)
 2 - urgent  Action work within 1 hour and attend site within 4 hours (out of hours 2 hours and attend site within 6 hours)
 3 - routine  Action work within 2 working days and attend site within 1 working week
 4 - non-urgent  Action work within 5 working days and attend site within 6 working weeks
 5 - by agreed date  The date is to be specified by the customer

A job will be considered as an emergency if there is or perceived to be a safety risk to people or the fabric of the building eg:

  • Gas leak
  • Water leak
  • Major electrical failure
  • Person trapped in a lift

All jobs reported to the Campus Services Help Desk are reviewed at the time of reporting.  When reporting a job please ensure you are as descriptive as possible to enable our work force to deal with your request quick and effectively.

When reporting a job to the Campus Services Help Desk the following information will be required:

  • Contact details of person reporting the fault (email address and telephone number)
  • Description of the fault /defect
  • Location of the fault (include building and floor level)
  • Purchase order (if required)
  • Account Code (if required)
  • Department name

The Direct Works Contract Engineers team can provide estimates for works. Estimates will only be provided for works over £250 plus VAT. If you wish to request a quote or require advice on the estimation process please complete the estimate request form.

All customers reporting a fault should provide an email address. You will receive a confirmation email once your job has been raised and one when the job has been completed.

If you are unsure about the progress of your reported job, please complete a query form online quoting the request reference number you have been provided with. The reference request number can be found on the confirmation email from the Campus Services Help Desk.

Once you have contacted the Campus Services Help Desk, the team will place a chaser on the job for you, as a result you will receive another email informing you of the action taken. If required the Campus Services Help Desk team will also email you or call you directly with any updates.

The Direct Works Planned Maintenance team is responsible for all statutory inspections for the fixed assets of a building. If you have any questions relating to the statutory inspections please contact the Campus Services Help Desk.  At present Campus Services are implementing a new Computer Aided Facilities Management system (CAFM), this system will enable building owners to access an online log book which will provide them with completed statutory inspections.

Contact the Campus Services Help Desk providing them with the exact details of the location and the situation. You should also remove people from the area until a member of staff attends site.

Asbestos register - the asbestos register is managed by the Estate Services team, if you have any questions relating to the register please contact them.

Cleaning FAQs

The majority of cleaning is completed before 0900 hours and after 1730 hours on a daily basis. If you encounter any problems within your building please use the request cleaner form.

For more information please see the cleaning team website.

ProblemResponse time
 Toilet/sanitary areas and any prestigious areas  ASAP -  within 30-45mins
 Spillages in occupied areas  ASAP -  within 30-45mins
 Circulation within corridors, stairs etc  Within 1 hour
 Areas prevented from continuous use  Within 4 hours
 Areas of low priority, i.e. basements, lower ground,  Within 24 hours

The following areas are not covered by any Service Level Agreements

  • Computers, printers and any other IT equipment
  • Working from ladders
  • Washing of cutlery and crockery within kitchen areas
  • Cleaning out refrigerators
  • Supplying erasers for white boards
  • Cleaning benches or equipment in laboratories

Porterage FAQs

The porters provide advice and assistance to the users of academic buildings including:

  • Security of each building - locking and unlocking doors and windows every day
  • Switching off unnecessary lights to help reduce our carbon footprint
  • Internal moves in individual buildings
  • Preparation of exam areas
  • Preparation for graduation
  • Collect items for waste and recycling
  • Operate a furniture re-use scheme
  • Provide event support
  • Room/venue layout changes

If you require the service of a porter within your building please complete the request porter (move it) form or the room setup form.

Please note that all requests require 5 working days notice.

Moves/disposals can be any time between 08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday.

Please note that no disposals will be made during graduation week, welcome week, exams, start of term or bank holidays.

Complete the request disposal form.

Branded appliances will need to be collected by the supplier and cannot be handled by Transport.

For more information please see the waste A-Z guide.

All computers, laptops and printers will require IT authorisation before disposal. Please fill in our request disposal form.

Mailroom FAQs

The mailroom services include deliveries and collection of internal and external mail, a full franking service, advice on postal/courier charges and collection times.

Please note that Royal Mail delivery times to the University vary but mail is dispatched internally as soon as possible after arrival.

The Mailroom is located at the back of the Old Library in the loading bay.

Monday to Friday, 08:30- 16:30.

Transport FAQs

Note: Line managers should also be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that staff who undertake vocational driving duties contact Personnel and Staff Development so that arrangements can be made for Occupational Health to confirm the drivers medical fitness for these duties.

Anyone driving a University vehicle must complete an Authorised Driver Registration Form and complete a Driver Renewal Form each year.

The university has a duty of care to check the competency of their at-work drivers. It is also an insurance requirement.

Guidance has been sought on Data Protection, all photocopies are kept in a secure cupboard and only limited access is allowed. When an employee leaves the University the photocopy will be destroyed. Copies may also have to be given to the University’s approved vehicle hire company if requested.

A photocopy is not proof that the licence has not been subject to changes such as:

  • Change of address
  • Change of name
  • The addition of penalty points
  • Disqualification from driving i.e. you no longer have a licence
Most organisations insist on seeing their employees licences every six months, the University has an agreement with its insurers and has accepted a full licence check every 3 years. However drivers must sign an ‘authorised driver renewal form’ every 12 months where they must declare that no changes have been made to their licence since their last application.

You will not be allowed to drive a Campus Service vehicle, when you register for authorisation an email is sent to your line manager to inform them that you are authorised. Line managers should not allow their staff to drive a Campus Services vehicle unless they have received an authorisation email from the Transport office.