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Request disposal of IT equipment, furniture, white goods or rubbish


  • Please remove items from labs, pinch points or busy areas to an easily accessible space to avoid disruption.
  • We may ask you and colleagues to leave the immediate area, to enable us to safely collect items.
  • Be as specific as possible with item details and location to assist us with efficient and safe planning. Failure to do so could affect response time or result in cancellation.
  • Consider local restrictions and safety procedures before submitting, and advise the team of any requirements.
  • Please keep in mind that we will try our best to remain a reactive service, but new measures and staffing restrictions will impact our response time during this busy period.

Your waste and recycling collection may incur a charge so please provide a cost code. If your item is a free collection, you will not be charged. Chemical waste, gas canisters, paints and solvents must be disposed of via the Labwaste contract.

Free disposal:

  • paper and stationery
  • IT and electrical equipment (excluding some kitchen and lab equipment)
  • any furniture or equipment that is assessed by the team as being a re-usable asset and stored

Chargeable disposal:

  • non-recyclable items (such as plastic chairs)
  • wood (including desks)
  • fridges
  • microwaves.

Other miscellaneous waste not listed may incur a minimum £10 charge.

Please fill in the fields below
Contact name
Extension number
Order number (if applicable)
T1 code (booking will NOT be taken without a valid code)
Risk assessment
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Hazardous material
Approx weight
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