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Buildings will be run in an energy saving mode during the Christmas closure period

Saving energy on heating this Christmas

During the Christmas closure period Tuesday 24 December – Wednesday 1 January, the heating systems in all the academic and academic-related buildings listed below will be run in an energy saving mode to maintain a minimum building temperature of approximately 12°C.

The temperature within buildings will be returned to normal levels within sufficient time to ensure the buildings are up to temperature for our return on Thursday 2 January.

Buildings run in energy saving mode:

  • Amory Building (all except research lab areas)
  • Arabic & Islamic
  • Business School
  • Byrne House
  • Clydesdale House
  • Cornwall House
  • Duryard House
  • Laver Building - excluding the IT Data Centre which operates as usual
  • Devonshire House
  • Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
  • Forum Offices
  • Harrison Building (all except research areas)
  • Hatherly Building (all except research areas)
  • Hope Hall offices
  • Innovation Centre 1
  • Kay Labs
  • Kay House
  • Knightley
  • Lafrowda House
  • Lazenby
  • Newman and Peter Chalk Centre
  • Northcote House
  • Old Library (except data centre)
  • University of Exeter Medical School admin areas
  • Physics (all except research areas)
  • Queen’s Building
  • Reed Hall
  • Reed Mews Careers and Health Centre
  • Roborough
  • Thornlea/Alexander Building/Whitehouse
  • St Luke's Academic Buildings & Kitchen (except North Cloisters, Labs, & Chapel)
  • St. Luke’s Haighton Library
  • Streatham Court
  • XFi Building
  • Washington Singer & Sir Henry Welcome (all except labs and aquaria)

Temperatures in residential buildings will be maintained at normal levels unless it is specifically requested to run them in energy saving mode.

The heating in the following buildings will not be altered:

  • Amory Labs,
  • Biocatalysis
  • Forum Library including Seminar Rooms & Library Extension Rooms
  • Forum Street
  • Geoffrey Pope, Labs & Research areas
  • Hatherly Labs & Research
  • Innovation Centre 2 Air Systems
  • LSI Labs & research,
  • Medical School Labs,
  • Northcott Theatre,
  • Sports Park Streatham, (follow published opening times)
  • Sports Park St. Luke’s (follow published opening times)

Estate Patrol will be unable to fulfil requests to have heating turned on in buildings over the closure period.

Date: 6 December 2019

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