Why Engaged Research?

We believe that research is about making a difference.

Engaged research starts by understanding the issues people face and designing research together to address those issues.

Engaged Research

Engaged research is fundamental to the Centre’s vision of creating and sustaining cultures and environments that enable health across the life course.

Engaged research is about researchers working together with people and groups from outside the university, to agree what needs to be researched, to create questions and to work together to deliver the research.

There are several ways you can get involved. Please ring, email or call in. We would love to meet you.

Please come into the Centre and say hello.

If you need space and facilitiesto do your project (such as access to the university online library resources), we are developing an Affiliate Membership scheme for the people who we are working with.

We have talks and workshops that you are welcome to come to. Please sign up for our newsletter to find out what is happening in the Centre.

Who can engage?

Everyone! We are committed to ensuring that no groups or people are excluded from the possibility of doing research with the Centre.

Please get in touch if there’s an issue or question you’d like to discuss.

For people who want to do research with the Centre, we offer training in what engaged research is and how to do it.

We host workshops that bring together people and groups interested in research, and researchers, to build relationships and develop possible research questions. We have plans to offer small amounts of funding to build these partnerships and develop research questions.

The Centre offers two funding opportunities for engaged research projects - details of these can be found on our Research Inititator Awards page.

You can read more about our Engaged Research Strategy here.

The Centre wants to understand how engaged research and engagement will helps us achieve our vision to enable 'healthy publics’.

The Centre will:

  • Develop creative ways of engaging diverse communities, groups and people with research
  • Foster sustainable relationships with schools, health-care charities, patient groups, libraries, museums, arts and heritage organisations, and wider communities
  • Provide training, resources and recognition to develop expertise and experience in engaged research and engagement with research
  • Provide seed funding to support engaged research and engagement with research
  • Evaluate our learning and share our best practice in and beyond the University

Rachel Purtell, the Centre’s Critical Friend, helps us to reflect on if and how we are meeting our overall aims and objectives. She:

  • Helps the Centre to think about different ways working, especially with engaged research and engagement with research;
  • Brings experience and ideas from other areas and organisations;
  • Promotes critical thinking about our relationship with our diverse partners