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Meet the team

Brenda Waterman - Information Governance Manager and Data Protection Officer (DPO)

I am the Information Governance Manager and the Data Protection Officer for the University of Exeter over all the sites. We all know about Data Protection (DPA) or GDPR as it is best known as..... But, by following best practice with an Information Governance framework we cover most of the DPA and other regulations, by protecting all data be that commercially sensitive, or personal - digital, paper, in everyday use or historic documents. I get involved with projects, advice, research, FOIs, IT Security, incidents and breaches, investigations, data Impact assessments, asset registers, audits and everything in between. I work closely with departments within CGR, Exeter IT, and across the business including 3rd party partners.

Assisting the business on new or changing processing activities, data risks, building a framework around the business to mitigate risks, with strategy, and keeping privacy notices, policies and documentation up to date. Liaising with the Information Commissioners Office and Digital NHS for compliance to all relevant legal obligations and regulations, applying not just the appropriate legislation but also the essence and intent.

Myself and my team are available to answer queries from all parts of the business, supporting Data Protection Champions, Information Asset Owners and all staff.

Dan Bristow - Information Governance Privacy Officer

As the Information Governance Privacy Officer, I mainly work on matters relating to the rights of data subjects, assisting the business with completing Data Protection Impact Assessments, and investigating incidents. Working with both data subjects and data holders across the breadth of the University to ensure that we are working effectively in line with data protection requirements. I provide training and support when required, undertaking other key functions to support members of the Information Governance Team and Data Protection Officer.

Rick Cockram - Information Governance Records Officer

As IG Records Officer my role is to advise the University on matters relating to Information Management and produce relevant guidance. I work with colleagues across the University, individually, as well as through projects and formal groups, to ensure that information can be effectively exploited, and available tooling can be best deployed to support that activity. I also carry out the day to day activity of the IG team including supporting Data Protection Impact Assessments, producing Freedom of Information disclosures, and responding to security incidents.

Tom Cross - Information Governance Officer

My position as an Information Governance Officer involves supporting the FOI process, ensuring that it runs smoothly. I assist the team across their portfolios as required covering SARs, DPIAs, Police Requests. I also work with the team to support the University’s Information Management activity, including the running of the Modern Records Centre.

Jude Lewis - Information Governance Officer

As an information Governance Officer, I deal with Freedom of Information requests; requesting the information and applying the regulatory rules and tests to the information provided before sending to the recipient within the legislative time frame. I also support the Information Governance Team and Data Protection officer in dealing with incidents, gathering data for Subject Access requests, IG mandatory Training, Police requests, DPIAs initial enquiries, and general enquiries that come in via the team mailbox.

Lewis Nwokeji - Information Governance Officer

As Information Governance Officer I respond to information requests from individuals and organisations, help review data privacy impact assessments for approval, assist with data breach mitigation and provide guidance on information governance best practice. Additionally I support stakeholder engagement across the University, combining IG team and Professional Services expertise, to enable compliant policy for new, ad-hoc and ongoing projects.