International travel insurance cover can be arranged by the University.

International travel

All trips must align with the University of Exeter Principles for Essential Travel, and are approved as set out within the principles document. In case you need to make a claim, you must keep hold of your travel documents. Guidance has been published on the documentation that will be required, depending on the type of claim: Documentation required in case of travel claim

Need help following an incident?

Call the Insurers emergency 24 hour helpline contained within the Insurers details on our before you travel insurance webpage  

Registering your travel and receiving your travel insurance documents. 

It is University policy that all travel must align with the University of Exeter Principles for Essential Travel and the International Travel Policy. This ensures that safety and security concerns and that the University's carbon commitments are fully considered. Relevant risk assessments can be found here. The principles for essential travel document also provides detail on the required approval pathway for different types of travel. Note that if the risk assessment and approval process has not been completed, expense claims made for travel and subsistence may not be paid. Audits will be conducted on registered travel, so please be prepared to provide evidence of risk assessment and approval.

Insurance Registration: Once your trip has been risk assessed and approved (note advance notice requirements for insurance confirmation for the scenarios set out below), you must complete the online travel form. This step must be completed for insurance to be in place, and each person travelling must be registered individually.

In order to help you understand the risks in the country you are visiting, please refer to the AIG assistance website and follow these steps:

To register as a user on the AIG mylifeline page, please scroll to the bottom of the page and input the requested details – the policy number is 0010628173

  1. Once you have registered and logged in – follow the menu at the top of the screen
  2. To sign up for the travel alerts – click on alerts
  3. Input the country you are visiting from the drop-down menu
  4. Input your dates of travel
  5. Choose the type or types of alert you require
  6. Click subscribe

 IMPORTANT - advance notification to the Insurance Team of at least 14 days is required in the below circumstances, and registration/booking must not go ahead until confirmation of insurance is received:

  • Trips to sanctioned countries (see section below), or where FCDO advice against some or all travel - considerations: these trips need to be referred to the insurer, and cover is not guaranteed. If the University is unable to obtain insurance, and you are unable to obtain a robust personal policy, the trip should not go ahead. Where cover is available, it is unlikely to include evacuation assistance, as sanctions prevent payment to individuals and entities in the country. Please account for this scenario in your risk assessment.
  • Trips greater than 365 days - considerations: note that this is not considered a "trip", but as moving overseas for a period. therefore, cover will be limited, and you should purchase your own personal health cover and contents cover for your possessions.
  • Fieldtrips requiring group travel insurance registration - considerations: details of all travellers, the destination and trip dates must be provided to the Insurance team for registration in plenty of time for this to be completed.

Changes or cancellations to travel details

If you change your travel details or cancel your trip please email: Please include the following in your email:

  • The travellers name
  • Form ID - this can be found on your confirmation email.
  • Changes to your travel.

Current Sanctioned Countries

Belarus, Crimea, Cuba, the Dombas region including Donestsk and Luhansk, Iran, North Korea, North Sudan, Russia, Syria, Venezuela  

Please provide us with fourteen days notice in respect of travel to the above countries as AIG will not provide insurance cover and we are required to arrange insurance cover separately.

No cover under the serious disruption section of the policy (including evacuation) will apply to travel to any of the following areas:

Governorates of: Baghdad, Anbar, Salah ad-Din, Kirkuk, Diyala, Ninewa, Karbala, Babil.

Please contact us with 28 days notice to enable us to arrange cover, for which an additional cost may apply.

Visa application

Once you have completed the International Travel Form:

  • Wait for the international travel tracker form confirmation email
  • Click 'Visa letter for [your name]'
  • Put headed paper in your printer
  • Print the visa letter on headed paper

When applying for your visa please ensure that you submit the policy summary, along with your visa letter. The policy summary is linked to the email which is sent to you after your travel is registered on the international travel form.

Undergraduate travel insurance

Bribery Act 2010

Please be aware: Small payments made to government officials or others to make something happen, or happen sooner, (commonly called facilitation payments) are likely to be bribes and unlawful under the Act even if these payments are made outside the UK.

Are you carrying chemicals, biological substances or lithium batteries?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has restrictions on the transportation of hazardous substances on flights. These restrictions include the carriage of chemicals, biological substances and lithium batteries (excluding mobile phone/laptop batteries). If you are traveling on University business, you are not permitted to carry these items. If you require to transport such items, please contact for further information and guidance.