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Terms and conditions

All print and design work for the University must adhere to the Visual Identity Guidelines. Any promotional work may be referred to the Design Studio to ensure that it is acceptable for use. Work may need to be redesigned, which can cause an increase in cost and turnaround time. Print Services highly recommend contacting the Design Studio prior to creating any new promotional artwork.

All job requests must be submitted in the following manner, failure to do so will cause your request to be delayed and in some circumstances refused:

  • Text, layout and images in all files submitted will be regarded as "print ready" without need for adjustment.

  • Although other file types can be used, we highly recommend that work is submitted in print ready PDF format.

  • Any artwork required to be printed to the edge of the page (e.g. backgrounds, borders and images) will need to be set up with at least 3mm bleed on each edge and trim marks. If you are unable to provide this, files can often be amended by Print Services prior to printing. The cost for this is £25 per hour, with a minimum cost of £10.

  • Hard copy submissions must be submitted loose-leaved, staples and binding comb removed (with a bulldog or paper clip holding where required).

VAT may be applied to certain work.

Some work will require quotes to be submitted by email or through the online portal. 

Bespoke merchandise is not held on site and deliveries may be delayed. We recommend allowing at least 3 weeks for the commissioning of any bespoke merchandise. 

Turnaround time for any work is from the date of artwork approval.

Deliveries can only be made to University of Exeter campuses. Please allow one working day from the time of job completion.


Print Services holds no responsibility for material printed. It is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all print requests submitted meet legislation regarding such areas as libel, copyright and other publication and media guidelines.

By submitting your print request you agree to our terms and conditions set out in this policy and that you agree to pay for time and materials used in attempting to complete your request. Should any customer fail to pay, Print Services reserves the right to recover these appropriate costs. You will be notified of any such action prior to cost recovery.