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Floor Plans

The three storey massing of the building effectively minimises the fall across the sloping site. This has practical and economic benefits, which have been carefully balanced with the adjacencies required of the accommodation, and the floorplate dimensions dictated by the desire to house all the office space on a single level. The office space has been located on the top floor to take advantage of the medium and long term views to the west and south across the campus and toward Exeter City. The office space is largely open plan, enabling natural ventilation across the 18m wide floor span. The cellular spaces, meeting rooms, seminar room, project office and cellular shared offices are arranged on the north and eastern side of the plan allowing the open plan office and break-out spaces, occupied by the majority of users for the longest periods, to benefit from the views, daylight and sunlight gained from the south and west orientation.

Deliveries of bulky equipment and materials to the Workshop and Laboratory areas make location of these at ground or basement level, where they can be accessed from a service compound, more practical. Most of the workshop type spaces require regular direct and level access from the service compound, dictating their location on the ground floor, whereas the deliveries to the laboratories are likely to be less frequent and easier to handle using a lift, hence some being located at basement level.