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We are proposing to build a new ‘Centre for Resilience Environment, Water and Waste’ (CREWW). Our development will provide a mix of Research Laboratories, Workshops and office space on a site in the heart of the Streatham Campus.

The Centre will conduct world-leading research into the provision of safe and resilient water services in the UK and overseas.

Central to its focus will be how to manage our natural resources to ensure there is sufficient water to cope with population growth, the pressures of climate change, and improving resilience to the potentially devastating effects of flood, drought and emerging pollutants.

Research focuses on pressing issues facing the water and waste sectors, including:

  • How to protect drinking water supplies from pollution
  • The safe treatment and disposal of waste water (including issues such as micro-plastics and anti-microbial resistance)
  • Ensuring sufficient water to cope with a growing population and climate change
  • Protecting the water supply network
  • Predicting and preventing pollution from the waste water network
  • Understanding how catchments respond to flooding and drought, to improve future resilience.

The research is undertaken by academics from disciplines including: Geography, Biosciences, Engineering, Economics and Psychology, who work with partners in industry, government and NGOs, to develop a shared understanding of the issues.

The Centre was established by the University and supported by a grant from Research England and investment by South West Water.

The principle of development on the site has already been established by a Masterplan Framework document for the Streatham Campus, charting the University’s planned future development to 2026 and beyond. This Masterplan was adopted by Exeter City Council as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) in December 2010.